Panchakarma Compared: Deep Cleansing for Your Tissues


Panchakarma Compared

Is it that time of year, when the body’s grown sluggish or tired and you’re looking into cleansing? How does Panchakarma differ from other fads and cleanses? What are its specific benefits? In quest of these answers, in our last post we approached Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, an Ayurvedic practitioner based on Northern California, to shed some light on this issue. Dr. Suhas clarifies that in general, Panchakarma encourages a thorough, yet gentle, holistic approach to cleansing the body and mind. Read on for more.


Q: Why would I choose Panchakarma detox instead of any other modern detox method?

Dr: Modern detox methods can be a bit harsh on our system.  Most of these modern methods include the use of bentonite clay or some drastic purgatives and coffee enemas. They may be disconnected, targeting just specific parts, which can leave the gut too dry. Or they may tamper with the body’s digestive capacity, leaving you feeling more week and depleted.

Cleansing Gradually Happens in Many Phases


An Ayurvedic Panchakarma detox starts with:

  1. Preparing your body
  2. Gradually loosening impurities
  3. Purging impurities

Impurities can be of two types:

  • Water-soluble impurities &
  • Fat-soluble impurities

While water-soluble impurities can be purged by drinking herbal teas, steam treatments and improving urinary functions, it is the fat soluble impurities that are more stubborn. And they can be really toxic, including heavy metal residues. These could also be purged through Panchakarma.

To do this, we need to ingest oil and saturate the body with the right kind of  fat by taking trans-dermal oil massages and consuming the right kind of fat. That loosens the gunk a little bit, and once it is loosened then you get rid of both the water-soluble and fat-soluble impunities. It’s almost like tricking the body into letting go. Then the body feels absolutely relaxed and happy.


In summary, the Panchakarma detox is gentle on the system and yet very effective at purging all the different kinds of impurities from our system. I think that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Also, personally, I know that I feel more comfortable ingesting organic, natural and herbal purgatives than chemical or synthetic ones.

We will explore a few more aspects of the Panchakarma detox over the coming weeks, so keep a look out.

If you have any specific questions regarding a Panchakarma detox, go ahead and ask! Our team of experts are at your service.


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