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The Perks of Being Highly Sensitive


Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) get tired of hearing the words “You’re too sensitive!” I even find myself saying that while being an HSP is a blessing, it can also be a curse when the energy of other people overwhelms you. Don’t apologize for the way you are! With a little awareness and practice, you can experience all the good things about being an HSP or empath and none of the downsides.

Today we’re focusing on the positive – so I’m sharing a few of the perks of being Highly Sensitive:

You’re tuned into your own needs

Highly Sensitive People know what makes them feel good. Their intuition signals them to make the right choices when it comes to people, places, and activities – so their surroundings remain in sync with their true nature. Once they learn to set healthy boundaries with the people in their lives, HSPs know exactly how to practice the level of self-care needed to keep them happy, healthy and centered.

You’re spiritually gifted

HSPs and empaths operate on a vibration that is very tuned in and open to the energy of others, and those characteristics go hand in hand with psychic, mediumistic, and healing abilities. As a psychic medium, I’m at the top of the sensitivity range. After all, I have to be tuned-in and open to receive messages from the other side. I encourage my students to be aware of their own gifts and to learn how to tap into them to receive signs and messages from Spirit.

You have plenty of light to share

Your high level of sensitivity lets you tune into the oneness and realize what is really important in life – which is love and compassion. Since your natural inclination as an HSP is to make people feel good, you can’t help but share your light with others – creating a ripple effect that is exactly what the world needs.

How blessed are you?

So, how do you know where you fall on the “sensitivity spectrum?” The difference between HSPs, empaths, psychics and mediums is not black and white – but there are some key differences. Highly sensitive people are super tuned-in to the outside world and pick up energy with their 5 senses. Empaths have the ability of the HSP, along with additional psychic gifts. They actually experience the feelings of others with their 6th sense, through clairsentience. Psychics and mediums are called “sensitives” for a reason. In order to connect with the Spirit world, they have to raise their frequency and open themselves up energetically to receive messages.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, embrace your sensitivity!

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