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Planting the Seeds of Positive Intention

What seeds are you planting in your life? There is so much power in what we set as intentions each day, each month, each cycle of the Moon, each season and each new year.

In our everyday busy-ness it is easy to forget about intentions and yet we do know that the universal forces do respond to what we think, what we say and how we act. Especially during these very challenging times in our world when we sometimes have to push through tsunami-like currents to get through the day, it is extremely demanding to remember who we are while staying focused on positive thoughts, words and actions.

Here are some tips I have found helpful as reminders and mental joggers:

  • I have an app on my iPhone that I love, called “Transmutation”. This iPhone app was created by Sandra Ingerman (an internationally known shaman) “to improve your state of health and well being by assisting you to transform your negative thoughts that arise throughout the day. She goes on to say:  “Your thoughts and words are seeds that when planted into your inner garden will grow into plants that do impact your life.” You can get this app on iTunes. 
  • I surround myself with friends and family who know me well, love me and point out when I am “going the wrong direction” with my thoughts, words and actions. It isn’t always easy to hear them, but with trusted friends, family and colleagues it is easy to express mutual respect in this way.
  • I journey regularly, practice transfiguration, and pray for help when I am in one of those negative loops that can happen in a heartbeat.
  • I grow my wishes, dreams and visions in physical form with seeds I plant in Mother Earth in the spring and early summer.

Praying for growth, love and positive thoughts in your world!

Originally published on dorycote.com; used with permission.

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