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Practicing Gratitude for Deeper Connection

Gratitude is a big one in relationships of all kinds, not just with your partner.

When examining our life experiences and Early Childhood Treasure Map, we often find ourselves patterned to think the glass is half full, to dwell in places of negativity. So the ego mind is always looking for negative experiences based on the formation of our brain and energy system from much earlier in life.

For generations, we’ve been living out the past. And yet, we’re capable of so much more, especially right now in this quintessential time of evolution on our planet.

The brain has many functions and abilities to transform that are truly profound. New strides in neuroplasticity are encouraging us to reframe what’s possible to optimize, rewire, continue learning, and improve mood and memory function.

Once you learn to harness the power of the supercomputer that is your brain, you can operate from an elevated and harmonious space within the mind – conscious, subconscious, and superconscious.

You dream, envision, and imagine a life for yourself and your partner because you know it’s possible somewhere deep within your heart and soul. Those dreams begin to become your reality in the most incredible and synchronistic ways. Did you know that your brainwaves function similarly during imagined and actual experiences? It’s a mind blowing concept backed by science.

How do you get there?

It’s a quandary of how you can let the past go and live in the present to create an entirely new life, the one you’ve desired in the depths of your soul.

This is one of the questions that we’ll seek to answer at my upcoming retreat.

I’ll be teaching you how to connect the dots of soul psychology during our time together, to identify and clear patterns limiting you from fully experiencing loving and harmonious connections.

All the while, creating space to release those emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that no longer serve you through vibrational medicine techniques.

So where does gratitude come in?

If you’re constantly focusing on your cup being half full – what your partner doesn’t do right or well or at all, and you feel angry, resentful and disappointed, those thoughts, feelings, and their verbal representations will magnetize more of the same in your relationship.

I see this even in my own relationship. When I start to get irritated because something I think, want, or feel should happen at any given moment, my mate can feel that. It creates a dissonance between us that can spiral quickly if we let it–if I let myself go down that rabbit hole of negativity of bickering and bitterness that was so common in my own early childhood environment.

Our words create our reality.

Our language comes from our thoughts, feelings, and ultimately our belief system. The more that we continue the old pattern of our language, the more we’re programming our future expectation and manifesting the same unwanted outcomes.

Particularly, when examining the pioneering work of scientists such as Candace Pert in “Molecules of Emotion,” Dr. Bruce Lipton in “The Biology of Belief,” and Masaru Emoto in “Hidden Messages in Water,” we gain profound insights into how our intentions, energy, vibrations, and language—the very words we use—affect not just our physiology and emotions but also shape our future experiences. This influence extends beyond life itself to encompass all our relationships, significantly impacting our experiences within our love relationships.

What do we know about gratitude?

Gratitude is like love – one of the highest vibrational forces upon this planet.

When we immerse ourselves in the energy of gratitude, it not only fills our being and soul, but begins to ripple out around us. Gratitude becomes a point of attraction with the universe to magnetize further experiences in which we can be grateful.

So instead of thinking and feeling frustrated, the mind can switch to the things that your partner does well, in a loving way.

Suddenly, you realize, “Oh, I’m getting more of this, why am I getting more of this?”

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

You’re getting more of it because that’s what you’re focusing on.

Your focused energy creates your new future realities and experiences. Even your new future emotions.

Gratitude becomes this beautiful clay within your relationship.

I like the vision of a couple coming together with a beautiful pottery wheel between them. What they can sculpt together is all of the things that they’re grateful for about each other. Those beautiful things that they’re grateful for begin to blossom, and expand.

As the energy expands, they become much more abundant.

Feelings of love and abundance aren’t only filling their relationship, but filling their home, family members, and becoming contagious to their friends.

The feelings of love, reverence, gratitude, and simple appreciation are palpable, all because of a shift into gratitude.

Reposted with permission from thesoulinstitute.co.

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