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Paul Selig on the True Self

Each one of you comes with a question about who you are, an identity that needs to be released in order to be assumed by the True Self or that aspect of you that you may call the Divine informing all things.

Now what you think you are, in some ways, has been an issue. You are in a mortal body having an experience in a dense plane. And while we don’t deny this, we will also suggest that your vibratory field can life you beyond the density of form and field, as you have known it, to begin to exist in a higher octave. The teachings that you receive through us have been instrumental for some of you in a new regard of being, what it means to be. But the field that you hold has been imprinted, not only by us, but your history, your race, your culture in ways that must be released to support the new in re-forming you.

To be truly free is to be realized

You understand the idea of freedom as being without history or not aligned to the old ideas that would ask you to conform to them. To be truly free is to be realized, and to be realized means to know. But if what you think you are is operating in limitation — “it cannot be so, I cannot be this, I cannot be realized” — you will confirm this.

Now the idea of realization must be understood for some of you. It does not mean you become enlightened, that you become the light of the world, as much as it means you to become what you have always been in a realized state. Ascension for some of you has been described as bypassing physical reality, living on a cloud with the unicorns or the angels. And that is not this teaching. This has always been a teaching of value, and what you are is as valued as anything else. To preclude the what, which means the physical manifestation of form that you know yourself as, would be to lie. You are in a body, you are not the body, the body is of God, but it is not God itself. To preclude God from the body is to deny God in all manifestation.

The realization of divinity

The realization of the divinity of form comes at a cost. That which you would think you are and anoint yourself as will be released by you at the level you can handle or hold, the higher octave. The two notes may play concurrently, but eventually one note may take precedence. The small self existing in the low octave and the Divine Self existing at the high octave are operating concurrently, but with a predominant echo–and by echo we mean resonance, the resonance of your field, the obligations that you make in karma through form in the dense vibration, these things that you believe will always be there that will align to the small self at the cost of what would be brought.

The True Self, you see, is as here as well as it can ever be, but its expression has not been predominant as your expression. So the alignment to the self as what you are, the Divine in form and field, has been required because the exclusion of the form has excluded your embodiment. If the Divine does not exist in form, then you do not exist in form as the Divine. Do you understand this? It’s very simple. The teaching of God in the heaven and you in the mud has rendered the mud without God when God can only be the mud and your skin and your breath and in the eyes of a child and the dying man, the God that is implicit by its nature in all manifestation.

Manifestation and the Divine

Now what creation is, in some ways, is manifestation. And every thought you think contributes to form. it doesn’t necessarily make form so. You do not invent a million dollars in a bank account by thinking it today and expecting it to be there tomorrow. But you do agree to the manifest world through your thinking, and what you think of the world actually confirms the world that you see.

As the small self continues to claim the world in agreement to history, it continues to render in creation what has been as what will be. And there is an assumption here, and implicit assumption, that things will not change, that the Divine as you in its circuitous way must exist within a landscape that the small self has inherited. To do this is to deny the Divine in form as what you are and its expression as what it sees.

This post is excerpted from The Book of Freedom (TarcherPerigee 2018), channeled by Paul Selig, and is republished with permission from the author.

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