You have the power, right now, to step into any reality you desire to experience–including the reality of abundant success. How exactly is this possible? It’s possible because energy is at the essence of every experience, and the birthplace of every manifestation.

First, Let’s Consider What Success Really Is… And What It’s Not.

Most of us have some pretty limited notions about what it means to be successful. We might equate it with a particular condition, such as having a lot of money. Or we may think of success as a “one-day” goal, such as starting a family or opening a business. But by thinking in these terms, it’s nearly impossible to step into success, because we perceive it as a future event. But if instead, we think in terms of energy, we discover that the energy of success is available, here and now.

Success is not a far-out goal. It’s not a “one-day” destination we’re striving to reach.

It’s not a collection of favorable circumstances or a position of status. Like all things, success is an energy. And because energy is the most abundant, renewable resource in our universe, you can step into success anytime you desire.

These 3 Energy Mastery Practices Allow You to Step Into Success By Magnetizing Success Energy Into Your Life.

Success Practice #1: Define what success means to you, specifically.

Each of us will define success in our own terms, according to our own values, unique interests, and goals. And so, to step into success, it’s important to take some time to really delve into what this means to you.

You might define success as working for yourself – or for a company that provides retirement and paid time off benefits. You may visualize success as having an abundance of money, influence, or creative license. Or you might be someone who equates success with health, family, or personal fulfillment.

Regardless of how you visualize external success, it’s always marked by an internal experience of happiness, joy, aliveness, and abundance. And this brings us to the second practice for stepping into success.

Success Practice #2: Distill your vision of success down to a single energetic quality.

At the essence of every desired experience is our desire to feel a certain way. And so, to step into success, you want to identify the essential quality that you believe success will give you access to.

One of the fastest ways to identify this quality is to bring to mind your vision of success. And then ask yourself the following question:

What Kind of Person Could Easily Create This?

For example, let’s suppose that your vision of success is to own your own company. If this is the case, you would then want to ask yourself, “What kind of person could easily own and operate their own company?”

The answer to this question will differ for everyone who asks it – again because we all define success in different terms.

You might decide that an inspired person could easily own and operate their own company. Or a passionate person. Or a fiercely independent person.

There are no right or wrong answers. You simply want to ask the question and notice what arises. Because your answer to this question will lead you right into the energy of success. And tapping into this energy stream is the key to stepping into success.

Success Practice #3: The final practice for stepping into success is to consciously embody the energy of the quality that you associate with success.

You already know that energy is the birthplace of all things. Everything that exists in our manifested universe began as a thought, an idea, a desire. And thoughts, ideas, and desires are nothing but energy that has been set into motion.

The energy of success is readily available – now and always. To step into it, allow yourself to imagine what the particular quality of success you desire might feel like. And then imagine wearing that energy like you would a beautiful new piece of clothing.

Most people do not allow themselves to imagine the outcomes they desire before they are realities. But stepping into success requires us to think, feel, and experience beyond the limitations of our current, already-manifested reality.

So give yourself permission to dream bigger than the conditions you currently find yourself in. And allow yourself to connect with the unconditional essence of the success you desire. This is the secret to stepping into success, and to magnetizing any reality, you wish to bring about.

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