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Tackle the Monday Morning Blues

If the thought of Monday morning fills you with dread, it is probably a good time to rethink your routine. (Assuming what you don’t need is a new job…) Why not build a routine that makes you jump out of bed excited to start a new week every Monday? The following is a game plan of ways to make Monday morning a positive experience.

1. Meditation for Mondays

Meditation can help you clarify your life goals. Meditating before you plan your week can help you sift necessary tasks from not-so-important ones, as it settles the scattered or disturbed mind and brings focus. It also rejuvenates a sleepy mind.

The most creative “Me-time” around is meditation. Get to sleep a little earlier on Sundays to adjust to a new pace on Mondays. This way, you can find enough time to meditate, go for a walk, or watch the sunrise. With the extra time on Mondays, meditation is a chance to drop everything and let the body and mind rejuvenate itself naturally. You can listen to a great guided meditation on Mondays to recharge and kick off the week!

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2. Watch Your Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is the foundation for the week. But some of us go haywire on the weekends, staying up late, eating (and drinking) poorly, and packing in activities. Then, when we are just getting over the weekend rush, along comes Monday—too soon! Limit your weekend activities to the most important things you need to accomplish, stay on track with healthy eating, and stick to a routine sleep schedule. Getting to bed early on Sundays can help you adjust to the fast-paced Monday routines.

3. Schedule Creative Me-Time

Important activities are not necessarily work-related must-dos. These can be much-needed -time for creative pursuits like writing or learning a musical instrument. Look at this time as a way to enrich yourself with things you love to do. An avid artist since the age of three, I relish drawing and painting, along with making music. As I draw in my sketchbook, my stress-crunched back and neck muscles relax. It’s as if I can erase away stress while I draw.

4. Carry a Happy Attitude
Victory over the Monday blues is just a change in attitude away. Adjusting to the fast-paced weekly routine after a sluggish weekend might become easier if you trick your mind into believing that it is going to be a great day—not a dull, dreary one. Meditation can help. It will bring you to the present moment and put the weekend behind you. Planning an outing with family or colleagues will give you something to look forward to on Mondays.

5. Do Something Different on Weekends
You have been repeating the same routine all through the week, it’s time to get out of the rut once the weekend arrives. Try to spend time outside in nature to awaken your senses, visit a holy place, or visit your best friend across the street. The goal is to slow down the weekend and make it enjoyable and energizing to fuel you for the coming week.

And finally, discover gratitude. Be thankful for all you have and the beautiful world around you. You are making more progress in life! Have a great Monday!

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Originally written by Marylin Galan and published on artofliving.org. This version has been edited.