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Ayurvedic Recipes - Sauteed Greens

Ayurvedic Recipes: Sauteed Greens

Ayurveda calls collard greens sattvic.  This implies that they support peacefulness and purity of body, mind, and spirit. Collard greens possess bitter, astringent, light, dry qualities.  Their digestion is aided with spices, healthy fats, and substances rich in digestive enzymes and stomach acid boosting abilities.   Enjoy collards as a side dish, a main dish with …

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Art of Living Journeys: Elizabeth’s Panchakarma Experience

  Elizabeth recently joined us for our Panchakarma Retreat to deepen her understanding and experience of Ayurveda. What she found was peace, rejuvenation, and a new and integrated way of life. We sat down with Elizabeth to chat about her experiences.   A Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Cleanse The Panchakarma Retreat was much more than …

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