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“Health is not mere absence of disease. It is the dynamic expression of life”

 – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Ayurvedic diet

Cream of Broccoli Soup - the Art of Living Retreat Center

Recipe: Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup

Broccoli is chock full of beta-carotene, selenium, and zinc, which makes it a powerful immune system booster that helps protect the body against illness. This broccoli soup is one of our favorite vegetarian recipes. It’s a creamy, indulgent, and healthy comfort food that requires very little prep time. Even better—it’s gluten- and dairy-free!  Ingredients 2 …

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What it’s Like to be on an Ayurvedic Diet

With all the contradictions within the media, deciding what to eat can be incredibly confusing. Some say that carbs are the root of all evil, while others claim they’re the key to longevity; many maintain that protein is necessary in high quantities, while others suggest that it causes cancer; this week eggs and soy are …

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Ayurveda Yam Recipe

Staying Rooted with Comfort Food: Yams Two Ways

Stay warm and grounded If there’s one thing that can bring us back to a fond memory or comforting feeling, it’s an aroma. Of the five tanmatras (senses-hearing, touch, sight, taste, smell) of Ayurveda, the sense of smell corresponds to the earth element and nose. So it stands to reason that root vegetables, such as …

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Ayurveda Farro Bowl

Farro, Mushroom, & Walnut Bowl

Featuring farro for winter warmth As we head into winter (Vata season), the elements of air and space become more abundant. Vata’s qualities are cold, light, dry, rough, mobile, and erratic. Applying the opposite qualities offers support for staying in balance throughout the winter season. Therefore, you may find yourself in need of heavier, more …

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Ayurveda 101

Ayurveda 101: The Very Basics

We are passionate about the power of Ayurveda. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are intimately interconnected. When the body is in good health, the mind and spirit thrive. We’ve seen the incredible ways in which practicing Ayurveda has changed lives over the years, and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves at Art of Living not only …

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Thyme Ayurveda Bowl

Shallot, Fennel, Thyme & Quinoa Bowl

“Thyme” for the seasons to shift Eating seasonally is very important, and there are still plenty of delicious herbs and vegetables coming in fresh at this time of year. Take advantage of the deliciousness before “thyme” runs out, and the selection of herbs and vegetables diminish in winter.   A pungent herb, thyme is beneficial …

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The Best 10 Minute Kale Salad

The Best 10-Minute Kale Salad

  This is one of the best kale salads I’ve ever made and that says a lot because I’ve made hundreds of kale salads. This raw kale salad is not only quick to toss together but it’s simple, can be whipped up in 10 minutes and uses a few basic ingredients. You can serve this …

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Ayurvedic Recipes: Beet Kale Salad

Ayurvedic Recipes: Beet & Kale Salad

‘Beet’ the heat and build your blood Ayurveda tells us that we begin to accumulate heat in the body just prior to the summer, so we want to stay ahead of the game by paying attention to the qualities of foods that can help us maintain balance.   Beets are nourishing for the liver. Cooked …

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Ayurvedic Recipes: Collard Greens

Ayurvedic Recipes: Collard Wraps

  Ready, Set, Spring! When it comes to eating seasonally, green means go at this time of year! Verdant veggies vie for our attention as they burst up through the earth’s floor, beckoning us to savor their flavor.   If you follow Mother Nature’s lead, she signals us to leave behind the heavier, heating, acid-forming …

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Ayurvedic Recipes - Sauteed Greens

Ayurvedic Recipes: Sauteed Greens

Ayurveda calls collard greens sattvic.  This implies that they support peacefulness and purity of body, mind, and spirit. Collard greens possess bitter, astringent, light, dry qualities.  Their digestion is aided with spices, healthy fats, and substances rich in digestive enzymes and stomach acid boosting abilities.   Enjoy collards as a side dish, a main dish with …

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