Letting Go by Paul Selig

Letting Go

The relinquishing of a burden, while it may mean great relief, may also mean that the idea of self, the one who has held the burden for so long, must be relinquished because you’ve so self-identified through the burden and its presence and its challenge that you’ve come to believe it’s who you are.

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Drama Is Optional

Human beings, particularly those of us with a deep attachment to the ego, the voice of separation, have a tendency to be very dramatic. When our backs are up against the wall; when we are being stretched or pruned or corrected by the circumstances of life rather than knowing and believing that things are working together for our good, we more often than not immediately assume that we are in grave danger of extinction.

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Wade or Wait

Wading, or “being in the flow”, means allowing the good to come to you rather than demanding it show up as you believe it should. Wading, however, has a very specific requirement. You must be perfectly aligned with the energy of that which you desire. Wading requires a sense of knowing and trust that at the right time, in the right way, your deepest intent and desire will be realized. If there is any doubt or hesitation in your wading, trusting or knowing, your wading will become waiting.

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