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Why Let Go?

Throughout the human condition, it is normal to be positively elated by the birth of new creations that renewal so often provides. Equally so, it is also normal for the elation experienced in renewal to flatten or seem empty as new things become old.

The Way of Effortless Mindfulness with Loch Kelly

“Effortless mindfulness” is a new way to immediately enter an optimal flow state available to us in the midst of our busy lives. Drawing from neuroscience, psychology, and ancient wisdom traditions, award-winning author Loch Kelly offers a practical guide to experiencing the next stage in the ongoing mindfulness revolution: effortless mindfulness. Learn how to enter an optimal …

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Conscious Nature Practices

Greetings Friends! In this video, I’d like to offer some simple practices that you can do on your back porch or out in your yard. Simple ways that you can focus your mind, your heart, and your senses to connect with the energy of nature around and within you. So let’s get started!