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Wipe Your Slate Clean this New Year and Begin Anew

By Lisa Cypers Kamen
December 16, 2018

New Year - Art of Living Retreat Center


“We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives…not looking for flaws, but for potential.” ― Ellen Goodman


With the New Year upon us, it’s a great time to start thinking about new beginnings and formulating intentions that bring us our desires. After all, we all want our desires to come to pass so that we can continue to feel satisfied and at peace with life. With all the New Year resolutions that go forth each January, it’s no surprise that energy levels are the highest come January when many people have a fresh set of goals and a surge of resolve to help them achieve those goals.

It’s interesting to delve into the idea of the calendar as we approach the New Year, as we may be apt to neglect the importance and purpose of the calendar each year. Sure, we write down birthdays and appointments, but do you really understand how calendars serve humanity?


Calendars link us to the cosmos

Calendars keep track of time and time only exists in this world that we see. If you happen to read about the cosmos and spiritual realms, time does not exist. Various societies have implemented different calendars for their people so that they could serve practical purposes. After all, without calendars and time, most of us would be at a disadvantage in many areas of life. Though we could use the sun to get an idea of what time it is, we’d be lost in regards to specific times and well, we’d sure miss a lot of birthdays.


The Gregorian calendar

There are different types of calendars in use today. The Gregorian calendar came to us from the ecclesiastical community and is primarily used today internationally for civil use. Additionally, the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches use it to regulate their ceremonies.


The Hebrew calendar

Presently Jews use the Hebrew calendar mainly to serve as a reminder for religious festivals, agricultural timing as well as defining lunar and solar cycles. The New Moon designates the beginning of a new month.


Time is an illusion, yet necessary

Whether time is an illusion or not, calendars are of value and the New Year reminds us that there are new beginnings available. The New Year tends to get people thinking about new goals and dreams. It causes people to make New Year resolutions and wipe the slate clean. It is actually a great time to create new intentions and action plans that will bring those intentions to fruition.

The key is to clarify intentions, create an action plan and then simply follow through with it. This is where New Year resolutions go south, as many people do well at creating momentum for a few weeks and then momentum slows until eventually the goals are dropped. Maybe they just get busy or the actions are just more difficult that they imagined. Maybe they get bored or just affirm that it’s easier to stay inside the box and be comfortable rather than step out of the comfort zone. Regardless of the reason, new beginnings oftentimes stop short of producing the intended results.


How to keep momentum going

As the New Year approaches, go ahead and create some new goals for the New Year. Don’t settle for where you’re at. Step out of your comfort zone.

  • Choose one or two areas in your life that you’d like to improve.
  • Create an action plan to get those goals accomplished.
  • Take your calendar and write down what you will do when and actually follow through.

If you will do this consistently, you will achieve your goals one by one. Consistency and effort are the keys. You can do what you want to do and have fun while doing it!


Go big this New Year

The New Year is the time when most people are thinking up new goals and new beginnings. It is actually a great time to go all out when it comes to making changes. This year, what do you want? What changes would you like to see? You know you can achieve whatever your big heart desires, but it will take some effort on your part. Go big. Resolve to do what you’ve been saying you wanted to do for ages. Grab a friend and go all out together! You have full permission to dream as big as you want.


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Lisa Cypers Kamen is a lifestyle management consultant who explores the art and science of happiness in her work as a speaker, author, and happiness expert. Through her globally syndicated podcast, books, media appearances, and documentary film, Kamen has impaced millions of people around the world. Learn more at 


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Sri Sri School of Yoga Inauguration

5 Magical Moments During the Wisdom Series with Sri Sri

By Andrew
January 4, 2017

We just had an incredible event with founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and 1,000+ guests at the center. The event was filled with smiles, meditation and moments of joy, but here are five of our favorite moments from the event (plus one extra for those who left before New Year’s!)


silent holy night christmas boone

1. Silent Night, Holy Night

We had many silent nights and many festive ones. Christmas evening stands out in part for its heartfelt rendition of Silent Night with a hall full of love. The traditional candlelit lit atmosphere was replaced by a sea of cell-phone flashlights, which was none the less moving.


Sri Sri School of Yoga Inauguration

2. Inauguration of the School of Yoga

Without much fanfare, a momentous step was made in providing quality, authentic yoga education in the US. With the lighting of a lamp, we signaled that the light of wisdom will be kindled in the coming years in the form of the Sri Sri School of Yoga. Directed by Krishna Verma, the School will open its doors in April of 2016.


White Christmas Sri Sri

3. A White Christmas

The weather was mostly pleasant and marked by misty mountain landscapes. However, we did enjoy one scenic snowfall before the event’s end.


Boone NC aerial

4. Beautiful Silence

There’s nothing quite like going into a New Year blessed with the clarity and peace of mind that silence brings. The silence course was nothing less than wonderful.


Wisdom Series 2016

5. The Wisdom Series

The Wisdom Series was a wake-up call.  The sessions with Sri Sri were thought-provoking, transformative and delightful. Also, the meditations were one of a kind, time after time and deeply moving.

6. New Year’s Celebrations

The event ended for many on December 30. However, for over 200 people who stayed back, the celebrations continued through the New Year with a large Yesplus silence course and other programs. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in true Art of Living style – in the Yoga Remix, a room full of joyful people (most of them in silence) welcomed the New Year with meditation, singing, dancing and laughter.


What were your favorite moments from the Wisdom Series? Tell us in the comments below. Happy New Year & we look forward in advance to our next big celebrations, Guru Purnima in July of 2017!

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Yoga Retreat Catalog for NC

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