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Sweet Potato Soup

If you love sweet potatoes, this is the perfect recipe for you. With warming spices such as fresh ginger and black pepper, this creamy sweet potato soup from Kasia is perfect for a cold winter day. Not only is it nutritious, but it’s also gluten-free and there’s no need for heavy-cream! Ingredients 3 sweet potatoes, …

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Wellness, Naturally: Cleansing with Ayurveda

I first dipped my toes into Ayurveda as an extension of my yoga and meditation practice. I was looking for a complete experience of vitality, optimal health and well-being, and lots of energy. My first intention was to go into Ayurveda School for my own personal vitality, but as it turns out, I fell in …

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Ayurvedic Recipes: Summer Green Bean Salad

A fresh summer salad is a great way to take advantage of the wonderful flavor and nutritional value of in-season vegetables, including an Ayurvedic favorite—green beans. Regardless of your body type, or dosha, this salad is a delicious delight that will help you balance the effects of the season. Although most beans are harder for Vata …

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Farro, Mushroom, & Walnut Bowl

Farro for Winter Warmth As we head into winter (Vata season), the elements of air and space become more abundant. Vata’s qualities are cold, light, dry, rough, mobile, and erratic. Applying the opposite qualities offers support for staying in balance throughout the winter season. Therefore, you may find yourself in need of heavier, more warming, …

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