How to Practice Maha Bandhas

What are Bandhas?

In yoga, think of bandhas as physical and subtle ‘locks’ that protect and channel your prana (life energy) in the right direction. Typically, you feel energized and recharged after practicing them. So when your yoga instructor asks you to ‘apply the locks or bandhas,’ you essentially lock the flow of energy in at specific points …

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A Breathing Practice to Calm, Soothe, & Relax

For the last 35 years, the Art of Living has taught over 30 million people how to use breathing exercises to quiet the mind, reduce stress and make meditation easier—and Alternate Nostril Breathing is one of our favorites. In Sanskrit, Alternate Nostril Breathing is called Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, which translates to “subtle energy clearing breathing …

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Exploring Wisdom: The Role of Yoga in Addiction Recovery

  By definition, addiction is disconnection. T.S. Elliot once wrote that “Hell is the place where nothing connects.” That’s addiction. Nothing is connected. One feels separate from everything. There is no cohesion between mind, body, spirit; between self, other, and the relationship with the Divine. All of this is skewed and confused and difficult and …

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