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Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Managing Diabetes

Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, is a lifestyle disorder with roots in metabolic dysfunction. In other words, for a majority of the patients, diabetes manifests when pancreatic release of insulin hormone has been on overdrive due to irregular eating habits, chronic stress build up, and a lifestyle that is not in tune with nature. Over …

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Does Juicing Really “Detox” the Body?

Anything that promises detoxification sounds a little questionable—like products that claim to “pull toxins out of your system” or “cleanse the liver.” The body does have detoxification mechanisms that are working all the time, and both healthful eating and intermittent fasting can accelerate those processes. Several-day juice fasts are one way to tap into the …

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Healthy Grilling Tips

5 Healthy Grilling Tips

Hot weather and outdoor living means firing up the outdoor grill in many homes. Yet, before you throw that burger or steak on the barbecue, be aware research has shown that turning up the heat on meat can cause potentially cancer-causing substances to form. Meats contain several harmful elements including animal protein, arachidonic acid and …

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