Calm During the Storm – How to have a Peaceful Thanksgiving

Recently I have had numerous conversations with clients who have Thanksgiving-phobia…. Well, maybe not phobia but apprehension. Things around the holiday are always really busy. The family wants to be taken care of, kids and grand-kids want to be fed, the house needs to be cleaned, etc., and the whole family thing in itself can be stressful.

What I also hear from my clients is a desire to stay calm and centered, even when they are the ones organizing the event, hosting people and taking responsibility for a great Thanksgiving meal.

Here is my #1 tip to stay centered, peaceful and calm in the light of the storm.
Here it goes. You ready?




I know, I know. Not world shattering advice, but you know what?
IT WORKS. And it’s FREE.

Of course we breathe all the time BUT when we get busy our breathing gets faster and moves up into the chest. When things get cranking, take a deep and full belly breath to calm your nerves and center your mind.

The crux of the issue is: you HAVE TO REMEMBER to do it. In times of intensity we often RESIST breathing deeper. As if being stressed out is more acceptable than being relaxed. I don’t know about you, but that is how I grew up. I had to retrain my mind to believe that being relaxed in a stressful situation is totally okay, that it in fact is the better way. You can choose how you feel.


Sooo….If you want to be relaxed during the holidays…take deep belly BREATHS intermittently.


You can do it anywhere:

  • cooking in the kitchen
  • setting the table
  • talking to your kids
  • cleaning up
  • washing dishes
  • hanging out

…you get the message?


Taking a breath is easy. Free. Helpful. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Unobtrusive. Centering. Calming.

And it contributes to a harmonious family gathering.


Thanks for this special guest post by Alexandra Epple, of, a teacher based in Nevada City, CA. 


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