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The Divine As You and As All Things

The occasional idea that what you see may be holy, because all is holy, is in fact re-comprehended to the realization that the Divine in scale is always present, and may be perceived at any moment as what it has always been. The illusion, then, of form itself becomes somewhat elastic to your presence.

Understand this, friends: The Divine as you, in its encounter with the fabric of reality you see, claims the landscape that you express through in the higher octave that you know yourself through. In other words, your very presence on this plane reclaims the presence of God, which is inherent in all manifestation.

Now, to experience this is to allow yourself to be comprehended as of it and not separate from it. You must understand this. If you are separate from it, you cannot comprehend it because it is not of you. But in realization— and we underline that word—of who and what you are, you become of the fabric of the Divine that is as you and is as all things.

As the Divine as you is true, no matter what you think, how much you would deny or refute, the same must be so for every thing you see. The idea of the Divine expressed in form is the definition of true alchemy, and the manifestation of form and the transmutation of it to the degree we teach in form is the manifestation of Christ in man.

Now, the term Christ, the aspect of the Creator that can be realized in material form, must be comprehended as the infinite reality that form may know itself in—as of God, in God, as all things must be at this level of comprehension and tone. And the idea that what you are in form and field can be claimed in this way has been called heresy, and will be called it again as you continue this, but you must understand that true heresy is the denial of God, not the manifestation of it.

The plane of experience in density that you chose to incarnate in is present in all ways, but the Divine is present as and through it, and your realization of it is what reclaims you and your birthright to be the one who may claim truth, or the presence of God, in what she sees. The word what is intentional here. Because the landscape you express in knows itself through form, you must attend to form in its holiness.

Imagine a rock in your hand. The rock has predated you, will outgrow the form that it has taken one day, be reduced to powder, and dust in the wind. When the rock becomes dust, your relationship to the rock has also been transformed. If the dust itself is made of the same stars that you are, is of the same water and air that you are, you are not so different than the rock, although the form you have taken heralds a different song.

Every thing is in tone in the universe. Every thing is in motion. There is no stasis here. And your perception of stasis, that the rock is solid, that the stars in the sky are solid, are a limited objective or view you may hold.

As you comprehend that you are tone, and tone in vibration as expressed as you, you begin to operate in a landscape that is also in tone, and your song, the Divine Self in vibration, actually alters the fabric of reality that the small self has known.

©2019 by Paul Selig. All Rights Reserved. Excerpted with permission from Beyond the Known: Realization. Publisher: St. Martin’s Press. stmartins.com

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