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The Power in 1’s

I want to share some guidance I’ve received, either during a reading or simply from my guides within my own meditations. Many of us have seen this pattern of numbers and intuitively have felt a sense of connection, either to their loved ones in Spirit, or simply to the Universe at large with a feeling of general support. This is the power of the number 1. If you have experienced this feeling for yourself, congrats! You are more aware than you realize! 

First, the number 1 itself is a limitless number. So, just seeing the number 1 brings a spark of positive vibes. Now, with each added 1 there’s another jolt of energy behind it. I often speak about this power in numbers, especially when they come in sets of three. 

I’ll give you an example. Say you’re driving down the street, you come to a complete stop, and your eyes are naturally drawn to the car in front. The last three digits of the license plate are 111. You ponder the significance, the connection, but most importantly you take stock in your own recognition of this pattern. As you get back home you open an e-mail from a new colleague and notice the time stamp is also 111. Ok, now there’s something to this, you think. Another set of 111’s, but why? Why am I seeing this pattern? Lastly, you hit up Starbucks for your holiday fix of a candy cane latte and there’s a special going on. Your total comes out to 1.11. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Seeing 111 can mean many different things to the individual, as we are all on different journeys in life. However, what is true for all of us, and what we are not always aware of, is that seeing 111 brings us new energy. It’s often associated with a new beginning. It’s also a message to be aware of what you are experiencing inwardly — your thoughts and feelings are manifesting the path ahead. I’ll give you another example of this, let’s say you’re in the process of purchasing your dream home and you start to enter that worry phase of home buying, the this-is-getting-real-phase. You might start to think about what could go wrong or prevent you from having what you really want. Seeing the 111 is a reminder to keep directing your thoughts and energy towards what you do want, and not allowing any doubt to creep in, to continue to ride the wave of positivity, and that excitement we experience when embarking on something new. It is a reminder that we don’t need live in the state of mind where we wait for the other shoe to drop.

Now as I am writing this, I look up at the time and it is indeed 11:11. How perfectly timed! I kid you not. Seeing 1111 in any form, whether it be on the clock 11:11, the total of an invoice that’s $11.11, or in any other unique way that the Universe decides to get your attention is a sign, a reminder, that you’re never alone. You are supported, and you’re always being guided by the invisible realm. Those prayers you keep reciting, yes this is your validation that you’re being heard and seen! An Angel number, no doubt. This can also be used by a deceased loved one to break up any sadness or stagnation that we experience through grief and loss. It’s a reminder of where we come from— the infinite, and that we are part of the infinite. It’s also a reminder that our true essence is love; we are unconditional love. It is a message in a bottle, reminding us that we have the choice to choose love over all else.

So, no matter what number sequence you may experiencing at this moment— and believe me there are many—trust that you are being guided by Spirit to have an open heart, so that you will be able to receive and find the hidden messages in these numbers that are intended just for you. Trust your intuition. By simply acknowledging the signs around you, you are letting Spirit know that you are consciously aware of something greater than yourself. This is a big step in your ability to tune into messages that are being sent your way— to help you evolve and grow on a soul level.

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Republished with permission from billphilipps.com.

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