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The Power of Silent Retreats

Our very own Dr. Poornima Sharma spoke with Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick of the Calm, Cool, and Connected podcast, about the benefits of a silent retreat. 

  • Learn about Dr. Sharma’s background and how it applies to mental health
  • Hear what silent retreats are
  • Find out how the retreats are designed, and how they go
  • Discover whether or not silent retreats are completely silent
  • Learn the difference between structured and not structured retreats
  • Hear the benefits of a silent retreat

For more information on Dr. Fedrick, visit her website evolvecounselingaz.com or connect with her on IG @drelizabethfedrick.

Create Big Shifts in Your Life

Our Silent Retreats can help you drop limiting beliefs, regrets and worries, and tap into a bigger vision for yourself.
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