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The Power of Surrender

We as human beings have always battled between our Ego—the rational thinking mind, and our spirit—the energy that is our consciousness. This conflict is really at the heart of what makes us human. It’s also an opportunity for our greatest growth. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before: You’ve been doing all the “right” things. You’ve been meditating, writing down your daily gratitude, spreading your love to others. This has you feeling upbeat and positive and then something comes along that triggers an unwanted thought about the future, maybe it’s a disaster so vivid it could be mistaken for a blockbuster movie, or it might be something more personal like getting fired from your job for a simple mistake. All that daily spiritual work may seem like a house of cards coming crashing down around you. In truth, the fearful thoughts or need to control the outcome, is a sign that we’ve given in to the rational mind, that Ego voice within.

I encourage you to let go of fear-based thinking and trust in the power of surrender. This may not always be easy but with practice it is possible. In surrender we are left humbled by the magnificent and vibrant energy that permeates through the Universe, a vast energy that is inseparable from us. There is a yin and yang to this energy source, a quietness and loudness, a solitariness and a oneness. This duality within the energy is echoed by our own duality between our Ego and our consciousness. It’s almost as if the energy “knows” what’s the best way forward, while we desperately try to control and find answers. But the answers are already within. When we become aware of this presence of power inside us, akin to a silent hum, there is a sense of peace that overrides that monkey mind—or restlessness—as we learn to trust. Acceptance of what “is” will help us to see how everything works out for our highest good and for the highest good of all, even when it is not obvious. We just have to get out of our own way. How do we do that? The answer: is surrender.

I think of surrender as a complete disconnect of our wants and desires. It enables us to trust that the divine energy of the Universe has orchestrated something magical for us, something that will blow our socks off because it’s exactly what we need at the right time. Think about it. Go back to a time where you had a deadline for a project that you procrastinated on until the last minute. You were down to the wire and somehow it magically came together for you. You struggled to get to that point and then decided to push aside the negative self-talk and just do it, regardless of the outcome you were going to accomplish something, giving it your best try. You channeled something in that moment, as you focused in that zone. Or perhaps you were in the middle of a career change, having to choose between two opportunities, neither one feeling one hundred percent right for you. You make the choice to turn them both down and then a new perfect career opportunity arises that is an answer to your prayer. It’s in these moments of great stress that lies an opportunity to let go and fully trust the power of the universe, of God, of Spirit, whatever you wish to call your higher self. It’s you that you must learn to trust. Those divine sources of energy are all available within you. We all have an amazing support system available to us, the committee of spirits around us, that are also a part of that energy source permeating the Universe. All that is required is that you let go and enjoy the ride of life.

During this unprecedented time of massive global change there is a need to control the outcome of how things will turn out. Here are a few loving suggestions and tips to help you surrender and live with ease and connection to the supreme energy of Spirit:

  1. Tune out, in order to tune in. Part of surrendering and letting go is peeling away the layers of responsibility we consciously put on ourselves. We need to take time to be present with ourselves. By turning off the TV, putting the phone in a different room, and simply just allowing yourself to be aware of the here and now, that silent hum I mentioned earlier will allow you to feel a sense of ease. It may feel foreign at first because we are so used to planning ahead and filling our time in some way but once we learn to be still, we will be overcome with a sense of calm.
  2. Trust in the unknown. It may sound scary but in order to be in alignment with the energy of Universe we must trust that there is a perfect solution for any challenge. You can even visualize a wrapped gift in your hand that you know has the answer you’re looking for. As you visualize the gift just hold it in front of you with anticipation that what is inside will bring the answer you need. You don’t need to know what is inside. This is a practice of surrendering to the unknown. You may have a feeling of excitement that in time the gift will reveal the answer you seek. Try not to know what’s inside the box, as this is the Ego mind judging and controlling your trust in the unknown. You can go back to the visualization whenever you want as a way of strengthening your trust in the divine.
  3. Have fun. We attract miracles when we show the Universe that we are having fun and are lighthearted. Yup, this sounds crazy but it’s true. The most amazing energy is reflected back to us when we are living in a space of joy and have a light heart. Do things that bring you joy. Spend time with friends that make you laugh. By living with ease, we are attracting more ease into our life.
  4. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. Yes, gratitude is a powerful tool to pull us out of negative fearful thinking as we reprogram our subconscious mind to actually look for more things to be grateful for in life. Gratitude is like a muscle that strengthens with time and patience. I encourage you to get into a habit of gratitude.
  5. Find the God Light. Redirect your focus on the God light that is within you. Part of being a soul-having-a-human-experience is the need to remind ourselves where we come from. By redirecting our focus on that divine light, through prayer, or through moments of visualization, we plug back into the unlimited supply of energy within the Universe. It sounds simple but it’s so valuable. Light is a powerful tool for visualization because in light no one can hide from the truth. The light reveals all. In the light we are exposed. Exposing ourselves in the light is the ultimate moment of surrender.

Know that not only do you have this Universal, divine energy flowing through you, but you also have access to your loved ones in Spirit, your guides, and angels all on the other side. Talk to them, tell them your concerns and fears, know that your thoughts and prayers are being heard. Surrender absolves us from the compulsion to fix that which we cannot control. This is why people in desperate moments will surrender their pain, emotional and physical, to God. The burden is no longer ours to bear. When you surrender at first you may cry, you may wallow for a moment, but when you feel the release of the things that you once had a need to control you will experience a flow-like energy state that you will carry with you throughout your life. Some moments of surrender will be stronger than others but will none the less empower you to move forward. Like a scavenger hunt that brings excitement around every corner, getting in tune with our spiritual side can be exhilarating. The more we practice surrender and trust a new belief emerges, as we discover that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. To quote Louise Hay, who’s written words have been an inspiring voice throughout my life, and the world at large, “In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.”

Republished with permission from billphilipps.com.