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The Secret to Good Decision Making

There are two main reasons why you are unable to make decisions:

  1. When there is some feverishness of desire attached to it; or there is some greed. Then you find it difficult to make a decision.
  2. When there is some fear in you, then you are also not able to make proper decisions. The mind gets stuck between greed and fear, due to which we remain in confusion. So just get rid of the fear and the greed.

That’s it!

How can you develop the ability to make good decisions?

Intuition, Intuition, and Intuition.

How do we awaken our intuition? It happens through meditation.

And remember, that which gives you long-term happiness and short-term problems is right. That which gives short-term happiness and long-term misery is wrong.

Just look back at your life in the past. This is not the first time that your mind is confused in a dilemma. You have faced these types of questions and situations many times earlier as well—and every time you have received help to overcome it.

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Article originally posted on srisriravishankar.org.