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The Universal Intelligence Knows

The Universal Intelligence ALREADY KNOWS what you Need

IT already knows. There’s no need to pray throughout the experience. If you feel you need to pray, say one prayer, once, and then release it. And, have the faith that gets there. How many times you hit the send button on your computer, or stick a letter into the mailbox!? Once! If you can have that much faith in your post office or the internet, have it in your healing!

Believe me… The Universe, God, Love, The Intelligence of Reconnective Healing, The Field, whatever terminology you want to go by, whatever you believe in, already knows what you want! So, if you keep talking to it, you are not allowing yourself to listen. If you keep sending it messages, you’re not allowing yourself to recognize what there is to receive.

So, from my experience… I learned a long time ago to not try to add, or shape, or direct these Frequencies. We don’t have to anchor-in the healings… We don’t have to set up a special field… We don’t have to try to clear out negative energies… Because, this exists beyond that! And, I said, if I do that, I’ll never know what Reconnective Healing is, and if it’s real. I will put so much of every belief system into it, that what will be this?

So, I said I’m going to allow it to stand or fall on its own.  That was the greatest gift in a sense, that I’ve ever given myself. Because I was so willing to allow this to be whole, and in its entirety, and to stand or fall on its own. But, I never, need to question its reality.

Are you willing to discover something new?

Previously published on thereconnection.com; reposted with permission.

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