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Tips for Setting Boundaries That Stick

Most of us would agree that setting effective boundaries is important. Boundaries can protect us, make us feel safe and establish our self-esteem. I’d even go so far as to say that boundaries are essential for helping you make yourself a priority and find greater freedom. Yet, most people still struggle to set and maintain the boundaries needed to live a happy life! 

Becoming a ‘boundary badass’ begins when you understand what boundaries are and what they are not. This check-list can serve as a reminder that YOU have the power in each situation to choose how you will react and what to do next! 

Freedom is Yours to Claim! 

  • A boundary is a limit that you set to define what you will and will not do, or what you will or will not accept or tolerate from others.
  • By not setting boundaries, you abandon your true self. The consequences include squandering this life you’ve been given by not living it to the fullest.
  • You are the one crossing your own boundaries. It’s no one else’s responsibility to see that your boundaries are not crossed.
  • You can’t change others or force them to uphold your boundaries.
  • You have a choice: the long-term pain of letting your boundaries be crossed versus the short-term discomfort of setting limits and keeping them.
  • Healthy selfishness will be a game-changer in your life.
  • Conflict can simply be the illumination of differences, and you can maintain relationships even if you agree to disagree.
  • Becoming a ‘boundary badass’ means that you care at least as much about your own wants and needs as you do about anyone else’s.

My Invitation for You

I invite you to allow our exploration of boundaries to feel expansive and hopeful instead of constricting and fearful. While much will be said in my book, Setting Boundaries Will Set Your Free about initiating boundaries to protect, preserve, or keep something out — your boundaries are also the way you can carefully choose and consciously curate what you want to bring in. 

Your willingness to feel the short-term discomfort of setting boundaries is the gateway to having everything you’re longing for in your life. Truth, connection, and freedom become available to you when you make your preferences your priority, with courage and grace.

Remember, each time you set a healthy boundary, you’re saying YES to YOU.