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Two Games to Develop Your Sacral Chakra Intuition

Each chakra holds its own special psychic gifts. Ready to open your sacral chakra gifts?

The Sacral Chakra is the energy center housed in the lower abdomen encompassing the water organs and the reproductive organs.

I like to call this the Pleasure Chakra. Traditionally it’s viewed as orange in color and provides our right TO FEEL and intimately connect to the world around us. Professionals who work in the therapeutic industry or those who make a living by feeling and creatively interpreting those feelings most likely predominantly utilize the sacral chakra. As one of our in-body chakras, the sacral chakra is the place where we connect one-to-one with others, process our emotions and feelings, and are stirred to create.

Psychically, the sacral chakra holds the gift of emotional empathy. Emotional empathy is when you can feel another person’s (or animal’s) feelings in your own body. You may feel someone else’s sadness, confusion, or elation. It can be a little confusing at first because it very much feels like your own emotions and you’ll be busy trying to figure out why you’re feeling what you’re feeling or either owning an emotion that isn’t yours which can lead to frustrating interactions with others!

This is a gift that can be honed and developed. When under control, it offers you a loving way to connect to those around you. Let’s learn to control it a little more, shall we?

Here are two quick games to help you open your own gift of emotional empathy.

Feelings with Friends

With someone you know and trust, ask if they’ll play a game with you. They can be in person with you or on the phone.

Ask your friend to think (only in his or her mind) of a person or situation that brings a lot of feeling. The feeling can be happy, sad, angry, frustrated, guilty or any other emotion on the spectrum. They are not to tell you what they’re thinking of or what they’re feeling.

Next, close your eyes and on your exhales, imagine yourself expanding into your friend’s emotional energy field.

What do you feel? What do you sense? What happens inside your own being?

Make notes of anything feel or experience.

Unmerge your energies by imagining yourself pulling away from this person and then imagine being blown clean by a massive wind blower in front of you.

Then, ask them about what you felt and see if it matches the emotions they may have been having.

Public Stories

Head to your local mall or another public place where you can easily watch people without it being weird or alarming.

Before going in, close your eyes and get very clear on anything you may personally feel. Just make a mental note of it.

Next, enter the public place and as a person walks by, home in on him or her and note how and when your feelings shift.

Once they’ve passed and you’re clear on the emotions, ask for Source to clear you of the connection to this person and the feelings that aren’t yours.

Do this several times to see how your emotions may change. Recognize when you’re feeling someone else as your own emotional state changes!

Once you’re out of the public place, be sure to clear yourself again.

Originally published on danachildsintuitive.com; reposted with permission.


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