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Using Altars of Power & Grace to Manifest the Life You Want

Have you ever felt a desire for something that seemed unattainable? The love of a significant other, better relationships with family or friends, or a new career path that could open doors to your continued growth of success and finances? Maybe you struggle with your health, or there is concern about a family member’s health, or you feel alone and at a loss for what to do in a difficult situation. Possibly, you are at a place in your life where things are going great, and you want to feel that kind of support you’ve called luck or chance in the past, a sense of comfort you’d like to continue, a sense that all is right in the world.

If any of the above reminds you of something in your own life—someplace where you feel if you just had the right kind of guidance, support, or care, you would do better, be better, and continue to have the life you were meant to live—then let me share with you a beautiful practice that might open the door to something new, something that will give you, at the very least, food for thought and possibly transform your life.

My Story

Altars have been a part of many traditions since the beginning of time as a way of honoring our connection to the unseen forces that guide our lives. My journey into the power of altars began more than 30 years ago. I had a vision and found myself standing on the edge of a forest clearing at dusk, just as the full moon rose, where a tribe of people gathered. They created an altar on the ground with items from nature in a specific pattern representing the elements. In the middle of the altar was a hammered golden chalice where they placed things that were valuable to them as an offering of sorts, a way to request the ongoing support of the fertile, feminine full moon energy.

The vision deeply affected me and changed the trajectory of my life forever. Before the next full moon, I created an altar based on the vision using pieces in my home and found in nature. My life began to change in ways that seem like divine intervention to me now.

The Origins of Altars of Power and Grace

Years later, in graduate school, my husband and I took a trip to India with our spiritual teacher, Art of Living Founder Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Everywhere we went, there were beautiful altars used in an ancient ritual of honoring the five elements known as Puja.

It was in India that all the pieces came together. The altars I had been using monthly on the full moon were based on a similar design. Would refining my personal altars and integrating Vastu into them change the transformative power of the altars’ intentions?

The altars conceived and developed based on the Indian architectural science of Vastu Shastra come from this ancient Vedic wisdom tradition of honoring the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and space). Altars based on this sacred knowledge act as energetic transmitters, bringing your heart’s desires into physical form. They have been enhancing the lives of our clients and students for more than 25 years.

Pointing in the Right Direction

Eight directional altars are associated with specific aspirations:
SW—helpful people

Expect the unexpected

People introduced to our work through personal consultations or our books have shared their experiences of manifesting their heart’s desires utilizing this ancient knowledge.

Vedic altars are powerful and can create change in your life in seemingly unexpected ways.

We continue to receive emails from people with their personal stories of how altars have changed their lives. Some have manifested long-term relationships and even marriage. Others found new career opportunities, and some overcame health challenges. There have been many who have deepened their spiritual connections through the use of these Vedic altars, while others have sought solace in challenging times. Many found their finances improving, while others deepened their relationships with their children. Pets’ health miraculously improved, and overall, everyone who desired to feel a deeper connection between themselves and the Divine Presence experienced a sense of oneness and peace.

Taking Manifestation to a New Level

Over time, since writing our books on altars and Vastu, there has been a shift in my work with the altars. It came from years of practicing Sudarshan Kriya and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation as taught through the Art of Living. A more elemental component of manifesting with altars introduced itself to me. I began to see the altars as an alchemical process, a “birthing” of deep desires based on the union of the divine masculine and feminine energy that sustains all life.

Learn the Sudrashan Kriya (SKY) and Sahaj Samadhi meditation in our Happiness Retreat.

When a sacred ceremony is used to ignite an altar, the elements of air, water, fire, and earth, which come from Akasha, the space element, work in synchronicity to begin the manifestation process. I see it on the altar as if an energetic, three-dimensional crystal Shree Yantra that connects the physical and etheric planes.

This awareness feels like a bridge between the elements and how our desires manifest into form. This is unique about Vedic knowledge and how the elements and their frequencies are connected to all living things, even our dreams and desires.

My Prayer for You

We live in interesting times where there is more intention to engage with the deeper aspects of our lives and feel a connection to the Divine through meditation, breathwork, mantras, yantras, and ancient wisdom traditions. Vedic altars inspire and connect you to the forces of nature inherent in the universe. They empower you and give you a focal point, a place to engage your spiritual practices.

My prayer for you is that your altars fulfill your heart’s desires and dreams and allow you to experience a connection to Divine Presence that empowers you.

Try This Full Moon Meditation

Here’s a guided meditation on a full moon, in the soft and meditative voice of global spiritual master and Art of Living Founder, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to take you along this journey within, as you soak in the vibrations of the celestial moon.

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