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Becoming Brave with Vedic Astrology

Western astrology is all the rage right now–but did you know there is also a system of astrology that is deeply connected to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of health and wellness? Calculate your Vedic astrology chart here, and then read on for wisdom from Vedic astrologer Barry Rosen.

Many Vedic astrologers forget to connect the natural sign significations to the houses. Remedies for houses can naturally be found in the natural sign associations to the house. For example, if you have afflictions to the 6th house, then Virgo activity is required, including non-violence, purity, service, healing, and discipline. Connecting to Vishnu, the lord of Virgo, may be helpful. 

Remedies for Aquarius may involve humanitarian activity connected to social activist groups to support humanity and the natural 11th house to move through difficult karma. If your 4th house is afflicted and you have issues around mother, home, or real estate, than you need to follow the essence of Cancer, which involves nurturing, healing, cooling, and compassion, and you need to strengthen the Moon. You may need to do cooking, volunteer to support mothers, do a home renovation, or volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Becoming Brave with Vedic Astrology

We often need to heal and do things that we are not good at. This becomes a challenge because our ego tends to want to practice our talents in order to get praise and ego gratification rather than work on things that are not good which can start a negative self-critical feedback loop. We do not do the things that are hard for us because we are hard on ourselves when we do not excel at them.   I had a Libra rising client who had a debilitated Venus in the 12th in Virgo and I suggested she sing in a woman’s choir even if it was difficult for her and she did not have the talent. She totally blossomed and also got over her challenging relationships with other women. We have to remember to do the more difficult things that are not easy for us if we are to grow–it’s like the Bill Murray movie, Ground Hog Day (1993).   We work on our challenges until we get it right.

Karaka remedies

Here is a list of karaka remedies or planetary significations if you have a weak or afflicted planet in this area. For example, if you have Venus in Virgo or Scorpio or Aries or afflicted by Mars you may need to:  Sing, dance, cook; paint; make jewelry; performing arts; draw; get involved in fashion design, or musical theater.

Here is list of other things that might be hard to do but which will strengthen you. The planet might be in a debilitated or enemy sign, in a difficult house like the 3,6th, 8th or 12th house or be closely conjunct a malefic like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars. If so, you may have to strengthen the karaka value.

  • Moon: Mothering; cooking; supporting women; home decorating and remodeling.
  • Sun: Take on a leadership role; support a single father support his child ; mentor someone; get on stage and take acting classes;
  • Mars: Help your siblings; support veterans, get involved in athletics and competitive sports; join a volunteer police or fire-fighting organization.
  • Mercury: Teach children; go to Toastmasters and get involved in public speaking; take a writing class;  spend more time reading rather than listening to podcasts; work with the earth and do some gardening.
  • Rahu: Fight corruption and crime; work with organizations that support fighting pollution and support the environment;  support organizations that fight addictions.
  • Ketu: Visit ashrams, meditate; go on pilgrimages and walkabouts;
  • Saturn:  Do volunteer work to support the poor and elderly; get physical exercise and be in your body;  help those who are suffering; get involved in yoga and meditation.
  • Jupiter: Study the Vedas; teach; be a Guru or advisor to others; get involved in counseling; volunteer for organizations that support the law and justice; help get weight gain under control.

Remember, if you have afflicted planets, then doing these things may not be easy for you, so find the courage to work on the things that do not work in your life.

This article was first posted on appliedvedicastrology.com, and is reposted with permission from the author.

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