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Walk Your Line

To one degree or another, we’re all walking around carrying stress from people, places, or events in our past. We’re also in constant reaction to our current experiences. To break this cycle so that you can walk your own personal “line” without falling off and to be a creative force in your life again, there are two abilities you need to learn:

  1. Release the old stuck energy
  2. Transform how you react to new stress

The first ability is what you learn with clearing: releasing the old stuff. In my clearing workshops, what I often see as I look at the group seems like steam rising from each person! It’s all the old energy getting set free as people let go of things they’ve been carrying in their fields for years, even decades.

Then the second ability comes as you continue to give and receive clearings. You suddenly realize that things have mysteriously changed; you’re responding to your life from an elegant place of harmony and balance no matter what happens. If something stressful occurs, you just clear yourself and the stress moves on! And more and more, you won’t even have to do any clearing for yourself. You’ll maintain a state of consciousness where things rarely stress you, so there’s less and less of a need to clear.

Transformations will affect every aspect of your life, happening gradually over time—or even instantaneously. Marie, a gregarious community organizer in her 40s, e-mailed after attending a clearing workshop: “I’ve never been able to read a thing without my glasses, and I owned several pairs, keeping them at work, at my bedside, in my car, around the house, because I was helpless without them. Well, two weeks after the clearing retreat, someone at my office asked me when I’d gotten contacts. And that’s when I finally realized I’d taken off my glasses at some point during the workshop and never put them back on again. My eyesight is perfect!”

Excerpted from Jean Haner’s Clear Home, Clear Heart. ©2017 Hay House, Inc.; reprinted with permission.