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What is Spiritual Healing?

Have you noticed that when you are in a good place mentally, you feel much better physically? There are physiological reasons for this, such as the increased production of dopamine and serotonin, but spiritual healing also plays a big part in this elated mood, particularly if you are on the path of your life’s purpose.

Spiritual Healing: What is it?

Spiritual healing methods acknowledge and apply the connection between body, heart, and mind. They go beyond the five senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste to address emotional disharmony and trapped emotions that may be exacerbating physical ailments.

Spiritual healing is based on the premise that physical infirmities, both minor and major, can and should be addressed through modern Western medicine, but if the underlying root cause—a past traumatic event, a general dislike of self, an ancestral disturbance causing trapped emotions—is not relieved, the physical problems will persist.

Spiritual Healing Through Harnessing Your Energy

Sometimes when things feel a little bit off or just not quite right, we may refer to it as bad juju, bad mojo, bad vibes, or negative energy. A healthier way to think of it is that energy is energy, neither good nor bad, you just need to make it flow the right way.

Spiritual Healing Methods

Spiritual healing boils down to figuring out your true life’s purpose and then following the path of your power. To do this, it is necessary to reduce negative influences and release your own judgment at all levels.

Methods of spiritual healing are as limitless as your desire to heal. Some common forms include:

There are also general daily activities that can enhance your spiritual healing such as:

  • Learning new skills
  • Using your creativity 
  • Moving your body
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Sharing in general (a story, a meal, a laugh)

The Benefits of Spiritual Healing

The whole-body approach of spiritual healing lends itself to a more complete recovery and better physical and mental health. While modern medicine should be considered and used, especially in serious health situations, spiritual healing can be non-invasive and eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals.

By using the various spiritual healing methods, you can also:

  • Reduce stress
  • Lower anxiety
  • Maintain calm
  • Enhance focus
  • Boost immune system
  • Access creativity

Meditation for Spiritual Healing

Too many of us spin in a constant daily frenzy and never take time for ourselves. It seems that every minute of every day is filled. This can physically lead to exhaustion and poor health, and you can get stuck in a never-ending loop of anxiety and negative feelings emotionally. Fortunately, emotional healing meditation is a simple, time-sensitive, and terrifically rewarding experience that can refresh and renew your spirit.

The Effect of Emotions

All emotions affect you, whether positive or negative. By using spiritual healing methods, you can learn to identify what you are currently feeling, and determine how it is affecting you both physically and mentally.

Negative Feelings and Cortisol

Cortisol is a chemical in your brain that, when left to run rampant, can keep you in an avalanche of negative emotions. The more negativity you feel and allow, the more the cortisol flows, sending you into a seemingly endless downward spiral.

Positive Feelings and Dopamine

Dopamine is also a chemical of the brain and is a neurotransmitter that helps us navigate through daily life and stimulates the reward section of our brain. Spiritual meditation is a healthy way to help increase the body’s dopamine levels, giving us a more contented state of mind.

How to Handle Emotions

Emotions can be unpredictable. They can be wild and intense and confusing while also being exhilarating and uplifting. Trapped emotions can be an even greater mystery, but by using emotional healing meditation, you can harness your feelings and use them productively.

Meditation as a Spiritual Healing Method

The beauty of meditation is that even just a few moments out of your day can heal and help tremendously, and the process is rather simple. Follow these steps and use meditation as a spiritual healing method:

  1. Try to find a quiet comfortable spot, especially if you are a beginner. (As you advance, you may be able to meditate just about anywhere—even a crowded subway or the middle of a child’s birthday party! It’s all about focus.)
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  3. Next, begin to appreciate all five senses:
    • Listen for little things you may not normally hear, like a bird building a nest or the gentle sounds of someone practicing piano.
    • Feel what is touching your skin. A passing breeze? The softness of a new sweater?
    • Smell your surroundings. What memories does it invoke? How do they make you feel?
    • Taste those smells in your imagination, or feel the sweetness of fresh air on your tongue.
    • See a happy place and also see your emotions.
  4. Identify your trapped emotions. What is the history behind them? Why are you feeling them? Are they ready to be released?
  5. Closely observe how they affect you physically.
  6. Embrace the positive emotions for spiritual healing.
  7. Turn negative feelings into positive emotions.
    • Fear is okay because without fear there is no courage.
    • Anxiety is communicating to you that there are concerns that need to be addressed.

Spiritual healing methods are a means of releasing all trapped emotions. Meditation helps to clear out that emotional debris so you are better able to handle things to come.

Congratulate Yourself

For some odd reason, taking time for oneself has become an indulgence rather than the critical healthy activity that it truly is. You should be proud of yourself for identifying your need for time to meditate, heal, and become a better you. Spiritual healing practices can help you learn the best way to handle your emotions and even clear past emotions that are causing you issues.

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