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What is the most effective meditation technique?

We’re all looking for shortcuts to make our busy lives easier and efficiency with the practice of going within is no exception. Personally, I’ve spent countless hours in workshops and scouring books to learn techniques to increase intuition, feel energy, raise my consciousness, expand awareness, and find my true purpose.

There are different systems that combine ways to breathe and hold the fingers, maintain certain body postures and specific movements. It can all be rather overwhelming, but the truth is, we are all unique and will find a combination of methods that works best.

Some teachers are more strict than others, but it is useful to keep an open mind and to expose oneself to various methods, employing a method of trial and error to find what works best for you. Use discernment and care when exploring a new direction, and keep in mind that it may take some time to determine if a specific technique is effective, or not.

Listening to Sacred Acoustics recordings is one way some have made breakthroughs, but not everyone will respond the same way. Each of our listeners finds a different recording that becomes their favorite. We all start with a unique set of brainwaves, like fingerprints, so it should be no surprise that NeuralHelix recordings affect us in different ways.

A wide range of experiences might take place, some profound and obvious, but others times more subtle. Many notice their thoughts are easier to manage, others have unexplained emotions and feeling vibrations around the body is common. Depending on your personal goals, it’s key to have minimum expectations of what might occur, and to allow things to unfold.

Those with goals related to reducing stress and anxiety might notice more immediate effects. Others, who might be seeking a more exotic spiritual experience like connecting with a departed loved one, will need more practice and potentially a combination of techniques.

Beginners should start simple. If you’re new to Sacred Acoustics, try our free download, to see if it’s right for you.

Previously published on sacredacoustics.com; reposted with permission.

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