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Why the Aura is Like Your Soul’s Mood Ring

I love observing color in people’s auras because it allows me to learn about them. Remember mood rings? The aura is sort of like that, changing along with our outlook, choices and life circumstances. The color that I see is often associated with common traits, meaning I can get a quick snapshot into the energy that is swirling around a person in that moment. Even better, I can prescribe specific colors to people who might need a boost of specific energy.

One of the colors that I’ve been seeing around people and using a lot lately is yellow. This is a color that was not in my book Your Life In Color, but it has been popping up more and more for me. I have been using this with the latest group of participants in one of my current online programs. It seems to be very helpful at this point in time and so I wanted to share about it with you.

When I see yellow in someone’s aura, it is a symbol of unfulfilled goals and accountability. Though many of us are used to criticizing our selves for not reaching our goals, yellow is actually an incredibly supportive color.

Yellow is like a good friend who will show up at your doorstep with your favorite snacks, a big hug and a pep talk.

Yellow is a message from your higher self not give up, even if you don’t believe in yourself or have lost hope.

It is an encouraging reminder, letting us know that the universe still remembers our goals even if we may have put them on the back burner. They don’t care what goals we select, what they want to see is continued action steps.

I am sharing this with you because the glow of new year goal-setting may have worn off by now. Reality is setting in that life is not going to drastically change without consistent effort on our part. And this is where the real work begins.

In my life, yellow has been a reminder to rededicate myself to learning Japanese. I have been studying for the past few years with the intention of becoming fluent. I kept envisioning sitting at a Tokyo cafe with friends, having an easy conversation in Japanese. But  in the last few months I have felt discouraged and even took a break from my Japanese lessons.

Activating yellow energy in my life is a gentle reminder that learning a new language takes time, especially since I have a full time job to manage and soul group relationships to nurture! So, I have decided to recommit to my Japanese classes and signed up for 9 more sessions before I return.

Yellow can be used to re-inspire your efforts. If you are feeling discouraged because your goals are not manifesting as quickly as you’d like, know that you are not alone. Making progress and positive changes takes work and perseverance, but you will be rewarded by your efforts!

To activate yellow energy in your life, you have a few options. You can wear the color or surround yourself with yellow accents like flowers or pillows. I personally love keeping a bowl of lemons around because it also reminds me of the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” And so it is with yellow!

You can also close your eyes and visualize your entire body being submerged in vibrant yellow energy.

Finally, set an intention that you will reinvest effort into any neglected goals whenever you think of or see yellow during your day.

Previously posted on dougallfraser.com; reprinted with permission.

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