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Why Things Manifest

As a way of pointing awareness into a new paradigm heart-centered perspective, I am often guided to unravel confusing misunderstandings on how the old model of spiritual evolution has been taught. Anytime I am able to untangle a web of superstition, I am doing so as a way of giving you back the power that was only created to be expressed by you. It seems the deconstruction comes in waves and themes. One in particular being the clarification of the Law of Attraction as a means of cosmic surrender, not a way to hack the Universe for some sort of evolutionary advantage.

As is ever-present in true sacred teachings, the true evolutionary advantage is the reclaiming of your inherent worthiness and the ability to live with a naturally open heart and well-integrated ego through the equal cultivation of expansion and maturity. While I’ve unpacked and revealed the superstitious fallacies of manifestation models, I also want to shed equal light on why things do manifest from a new paradigm perspective.

Everything is manifested into creation, just not by the will, insistence, or demanding of an ego structure.

It’s not that you can’t manifest. You manifested the reading of these very words and I can nearly guarantee that the title of this post was never written or depicted on your vision board. This is because things manifest from a much higher level of consciousness– an existential state of being where the wisest and most transcendent version of you is able to excitedly bring certain outcomes together in a string of circumstances just for the opportunity for you to face and overcome whatever difficulties create wedges of discord between you and any particular feeling. This higher self that you already are requires a process of remembering just to put you into the precise alignment that allows Divine Will to move into a space where personal will once lived. It’s not as if personal will doesn’t exist as Divine Will moves in; this is another misunderstanding of the sacred “Thy Will Be Done” teaching.

When Divine Will truly moves into your awareness, instead of walking behind you throughout the various stages of conditioning, you are merging the personal with the Divine to activate what is known as intuitive guidance.

When you are intuitively guided, you are personally aware of the exact choices the Universe is asking you to make as greater leaps in your consciousness despite how anxious, vulnerable, temporarily displaced, frustrated, or inconvenienced you may be along the way. Because the human ego has the ability to desire, with the equal inability to trust a higher power that cannot guarantee such desire is at it’s beck and call, you often step into the lion’s den of your most miraculous expansion, while refusing the support of the Universe with every step forward. As an example, anticipating the dread and despair of an encounter with a tumultuous character in your life, whether involving a custody battle, the speaking of truth to someone who mistreated you, or even the asking for a raise from a boss you don’t believe values your existence, reveals an ego anticipating the worse case scenario which could only be true in perception, if refusing to allow the Universe to work its magic through you in each breath and response.

I remember watching Wayne Dyer on PBS as a child decode EGO as Edging God Out. This means what is of your will to affect is how little or how much Source energy you allow into your being to move you through the fire of purgatory and into the Kingdom that has always dwelled within you. The more time spent fearing the outcomes of ego, the more likely you are to perceive experiences from disempowering perspectives instead of from the vantage point of a higher self that is aware of why things were created and the benefits each circumstance, outcome, and opportunity provides you.

When in ego, you might think: “Here is the worst case scenario that, as I envision it, only reflects my equal level of limiting self-worth and conditional faith in the Universe which causes me to shut down in defense to figure out what I can do to avoid such catastrophe”.

For only active during the moments in time that the limitations are believed, the Glory Of God presence is edged out of your awareness in favor of a more intimidating or daunting version to match and mirror the painful memories that have yet to be emotionally processed and cleansed from your energy field. This is why in the old spiritual paradigm seekers were inspired to run around to every healer or practitioner, attempting to cleanse their energy fields at record speed in attempt to stack the deck of possibility in the spiritual ego’s favor. In the spiritual ego, there is a desire to harness the power of God, to act as if they are one with the will of God but with no equal desire to surrender to the truth of God. For those who may associate GOD with religious hierarchy, the word itself is of a high vibrational resonance, despite lifetimes of attempts by religious egos to co-opt its presence with its personal agenda. If blocked by old associations to such a word, you can think of GOD as: Glory On Display.

When you are the vessel through which the divine freely flows and moves, you are manifesting the purity, virtue, faith and worthiness of the Universe’s Glory On Display.

While each being is the living presence of Divine Glory On Display, it must be actualized through the power of your will to personally hand over any distrust or fear you’ve collected back to a Universe that, in exchange, will only give you greater awareness of your true unlimited potential.

Just as the ego edges out the ability for you to remember the Glory On Display that is your naturally miraculous state of being in every breath, the soul abides in the presence of such forgotten glory, excited for you to manifest the very experiences that melts each prison bar and liberates you from a prison cell you never were sentenced to live in. Instead, you were innocently using such a prison as the hiding spot or underground bomb shelter of your ego’s greatest fears.

So why do things manifest? Each outcome or circumstance materializes into reality to help you strengthen any weakness. The more weakness you strengthen, the more Glory On Display you are able to embody which equally dissolves the tendency to Edge God Out during moments you need Source moving through you the most.

Because not everyone has the same weaknesses in need of being strengthened, the specifics of why things manifest are not so cut and dry. If you have unprocessed pain to be healed that has a tendency to be expressed as anger, you are likely to manifest a series of misfortunes only to be aware of how easily it spirals into self-judgment, beliefs in unfairness, or even profanity-ridden or passive-aggressive blame sprees to people in your life or in social media posts. The more often things repeat, you are actually experiencing them from a higher level of consciousness, even if such consciousness is only able to trickle in as micro-doses of awareness– all leading up to one auspicious moment in time where you are suddenly cracked open to a greater perspective, where the heaviness of emotional discord is replaced with the clarity of heavenly revelation. Sometimes, such greater awareness sticks and stays put in a phenomenon known as abiding awakening. All too often, the expansion is a glimpse or a sneak preview of what will be more permanently residing in you the further you allow your journey to go.

Not everyone manifests misfortune due to anger. It could be the attracting of careless behavior from others, just to strengthen the weakness of assertive diplomatic communication. What you need to say is energy yearning to be moved out of you. If not skillful with the tools to communicate such feelings openly or the awareness of how to write out your feelings in private, such energy is reshaped as the limiting beliefs you believe about yourself. This is why the statement is “the truth shall set you free.” The spiritual ego is not hard-wired to understand these truths, therefore, the very time spent reading these words is acclimating you to the very soul that moves into more of your daily-lived experiences the more you get to know it. While the ego isn’t the opposite of the soul, it is merely how your perspective is shaped and how your personality is expressed along the varying spectrum of unconsciousness. The purpose isn’t to evict, condemn, or destroy your ego. That’s just more of the old school model of running around to healers begging someone to wipe away the curses that could only be the evidence of how skillfully your higher self ensures the victory of your evolving glory.

Because the ego wants all the glory with none of the grit required to manifest in a dimension of time, the patterning of entitlement, neediness, deception, objectification, and victimhood running the conditioning of human beings can be so elusive to notice and rectify. This is why things manifest. To give you real world examples of the patterns of reactivity within you, so you are able to wake up from Edging God Out to manifesting your Glory On Display for the greater good of your journey and to inspire further expansion for all.

When Edging God Out, the ego’s version of intuition exists as beliefs in manifesting personal desires as a means of feeling better. Once no longer under the impression that different outside circumstances create better emotional experiences, you are already well on your way to being aligned with the glory of true intuition. When utilizing intuition as a way of glorifying the presence of Source energy, you are able to think: “Despite all that I desire, I know things only manifest to strengthen weaknesses. It’s okay if I’m afraid or intimidated, but that just shows me how much more of divinity I must invoke so I can be escorted through the fires of purgatory without being burned. May the light of my divinity carry me home to the Heaven I’ve never left to dissolve the hellish reflections that were only as ever-present as my loyalty to fear over love.”

As an energy healer working in this field for the past many years, I can attest to the potent and humbling healing power those with such gifts can provide. Activities such as aura cleansing, chakra clearing, timeline jumping, the rewriting of the subconscious mind, the rewiring of your nervous system and the activation of your light body are all very real things. True healing just requires a dedication to the healthiest, most mature and courageous choices to allow space for it to abide, instead of being refilled by tendencies to assume with fear versus leading with love. Even this is okay since you are required to be in whatever density or percentage of ego that guarantees you will acknowledge and know all that your higher self is eager for you to remember. All the while, any attempt to speed through your journey as if learning why things happen quickly will outwit the hands of fate, is much like spending your summer earning lost credits that once again disappear from school records.

This is why over the past 15 years, I have undergone a radical awakening process that is paving the way for a new kind of healer. I once was a practitioner who offered healing from a personal sense of will. Innocently, I wanted others to be happy and pain-free, unaware that despite my gifts, I was attempting to rescue instead of heal. When approached by my main spirit guide, Melchizadek, who said to me: “Not all healers are awakened and not all awakened beings are healers. Are you willing to merge both and integrate a new level of consciousness to redefine the landscape of how humans evolve and transform?” With a heart ignited in the glory of eternal joy, I shouted “YES!” from the depths of my soul without any awareness of what it would entail. Throughout this 15 year odyssey up to this very moment, I am in the process of completing stages of activation, integration, and embodiment to radiate the healing energy of Angelic forces, in spoken and written form, while the content of my words balances the healing expansion with the cultivation of heart-centered maturity. This is the role of a truly evolved healer, in whose presence you come into direct communion with your own inner glory, while dissolving tendencies to Edge God Out through the clarity, maturity, compassion, and truthfulness of each teaching.

On a planetary level, we are not just in a time where human beings are discovering life as a cleverly-decorated spiritual path, but we as the way showers of an awakening multi-dimensional reality are equally being asked to transform the way we evolve, heal, and grow. For each and every weakness in need of strengthening, may the glory of unconditional love be bestowed upon you, asking your higher self not to just take things away that bother or frustrate you, but to sincerely request: “My beloved Higher Self, please show me how quickly things transform when I fully surrender to the glory of your will.”

When viewed from ego, “Thy Will Be Done” is the surrendering of control into greater alignment of faith. When conveyed from the soul, it is “THY Will Be Done” or it is the glory of the Universe doing it all as the ineffable One I AM.

To move into greater allegiance and alignment with your Higher Self, it is important to know why things manifest. It’s not because your vibration is low; not because you were given entry-level spirit guides who slacked off in training. It’s not because of secret dark forces; nor because of an unpaid karmic debt. It’s not because of any of the limiting reasons you have been taught or led to imagine. But it is because Karma is the guarantee of your most embodied glory, ensuring you will strengthen each weakness no matter your opinion of it or desire for something different that can truly be an existential joy and exquisite journey of infinite liberation the more often you gift yourself with the love always residing in your heart, merely awaiting the insistence of your most authentic invitation.



Reposted with permission from mattkahn.org.