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Wisdom vs. Knowledge

Know the Difference to Open Up Infinite Capabilities in Your Life

Nothing is more empowering than knowledge. Anything you have knowledge about becomes easier to handle. The one who knows how to fly a plane cruises through the strongest turbulence with confidence, while the one who doesn’t, gets goosebumps even with the seat-belt fastened! This holds true in every sphere of life. Life becomes easy and manageable the moment you acquire some knowledge about it.

Beyond Information

Confusing information for knowledge is the main reason why many people are not able to leverage the power of knowledge in their personal and professional lives. Knowledge is much more than information—it is the ability to know reality as it is. With knowledge, the mind of limited understanding is transformed into a more expanded state of awareness. True knowledge brings a recognition of unknown possibilities and an acknowledgment of the limitations of what we already know. The ultimate purpose of knowledge is to bring about the realization “I don’t know!” The more you know, the more you become aware of the unknown.

When the Senses Don’t Make Sense​

Our lives are mostly guided by the knowledge we receive through the five senses. However, this has its limitations. For instance, sensory knowledge would have us believe that the sun is rising and setting, but through our intellect, we know that the sun is neither rising or setting! Our sense perception sees a pen in a water-filled beaker as bent. But the knowledge we have received through our intellect tells us that it’s an optical illusion. The knowledge of the senses is inferior to that of the intellect! Yet, the knowledge of the intellect is also not enough.

Many have experienced moments of intuitive revelations of things that our intellect was grappling to comprehend. Most inventions and discoveries have emerged from this transcendental space. The absolute reality cannot be experienced either through the senses or through the intellect. True knowledge starts dawning in life when we go beyond the senses and intellect and start tapping the space from which intuition comes.

The Wise Internalizes It

The tendency to treat Truth as a linear logic can lead to wrong perceptions and shut off tremendous possibilities. Truth is multidimensional in nature and hence it must be probed into accordingly.

Relative knowledge changes with time. A couple of decades ago, the knowledge of fertilizer-fed agriculture was considered revolutionary for boosting crop yield. Today, scientists are turning the same knowledge on its head and pointing out its harmful effects. The wise ones go beyond knowledge and seek wisdom. Knowing how to operate a gun is knowledge, but knowing when to use it is wisdom. The ability to decipher wisdom from knowledge can come only from the intuitive space.

Eligibility Criteria

True happiness and success come when you are established in wisdom. This requires some effort and preparation.

  1. First of all, you must have the burning desire to know.
  2. Second, you need to have a clear and open mind and a prejudice-free intellect. Only then can you observe that everything is changing. This is called viveka. The moment you see that people, things, situations, and events are changing, the focus shifts to the unchanging reference point—the witness who is observing the change. This seer is the source of all intuitive knowledge.  
  3. The third quality that makes you eligible for accessing true knowledge is dispassion or vairagya. This means unhooking the mind from cravings and aversions and accepting the moment as it is. When the mind is feverish for many things at the same time, it gets scattered. With the practice of vairagya, the mind becomes aware and ready to tune into the open source of wisdom, available to all.

Available for Download

The highest knowledge needs no language for its transmission. Trillions of cells in our body are connected to the universe. Deep inside we are all connected. The way a child communicates with the mother even before learning the language is an example. Pets do not need a language to communicate and express themselves. The Creation is relating to us all the time at a subtle and deep level. One just needs to tune into the right frequency. Every atom in us is shimmering with knowledge. The knowledge of the entire creation is available for download. The only thing that matters is the bandwidth we have. The process of increasing the bandwidth and accessing the knowledge are the lessons we need to learn.

Mind Your Mind

The power to connect with the all-knowing source comes only when the chattering in the mind stops. When the mind is scattered, our ability to see beyond the surface is curtailed. When the mind is calm, we find clarity in perception and refinements in expression.

A few minutes of deep meditation makes the mind calm, intellect sharper, and intuition active. Meditation helps in synchronization of both sides of the brain. With this synchronization, the highest source of knowledge and infinite capabilities opens up.​

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Inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s wisdom talks. Full article originally posted on ArtofLiving.com.

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