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World Ayurveda Day 2021

This year, World Ayurveda Day is on November 2. It is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Dhanvantari, known as the “celestial physician” (the physician of the gods) and the god of Ayurvedic medicine.

World Ayurveda Day is observed to create awareness in today’s generation and promote Ayurvedic principles of healing in society. A basic translation of Ayurveda is: Ayur=life Veda=knowledge. Therefore, what better way to promote health and wellness than with a global celebration of the wisdom or “life knowledge” of Ayurveda?

Dating back more than 5,000 years, Ayurveda is a truly holistic approach to wellness that strives to understand the whole individual. This includes the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional components and the more subtle energetics woven into each being.

Ayurveda treats an individual using recommendations for yoga (postures, breath work, meditation, mantra, etc.), herbal remedies, daily rituals, diet, lifestyle, and deep purification processes (cleansing modalities) to inspire and instill healthy habits, healing, happiness, and harmony.


  1. Register for the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America’s World Ayurveda Day Conference. Speakers and practitioners from around the world are offering free sessions all day, beginning at 8:00 am EST—topics range from nutrition to the daily routine to chanting to eye care, Ayurveda for teens, and so much more!
  2. Create a list of actions steps that you can take to promote your well-being and start implementing one of those steps on this auspicious day. Download our daily routine flyer and discover how you can easily and drastically transform your mind and body.
  3. Schedule a virtual Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation with one of our qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners.
  4. Enjoy a yoga class or kirtan (praise through song and music) at your favorite studio.
  5. If you practice yoga at home, devote your practice to wellness for all beings. You can include the mantra recitation of, Om Dhan Dhan, Dhanvanatayei Namaha, 108 times.
  6. Cook a healing meal, such as kichari, and share it with others.
  7. Make jars of ghee and offer them as gifts.
  8. Introduce someone to Ayurveda. You can share this article and/or one of many others on our blog.
  9. Take a walk or hike in nature and stop to meditate.
  10. Light a candle, play relaxing music and enjoy providing yourself with a soothing, warm oil massage (abhyanga).
  11. Give thanks for the amazing gift that Ayurveda is!

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