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Your Energy Body is Like Your Car—It Needs a Regular Oil Change

Is your energy low? Do you feel drab despite the sun shining so brightly outside? Do you feel stuck in your head with old stories and ruminations running over and over again? Do you feel like the stress in your job or at home is somehow in your pores–and even out to the very tips of every strand of hair on your head? Or do you feel like you pick up the stress, tension and distress of others around you and can’t shake it off? Or is there a haunting sensation of old traumas somehow still imprinted inside of you, no matter how much talk therapy you have had, positive thinking rituals you commit to, or how diligently you have tried to “move on”?

All of this dis-ease, drabness, stuckness, tension, and trauma actually IS within, through and around you as an energy. This also means that, with the right tools, you don’t have to walk around carrying all this heavy energy is in your mind, body and emotions. You can actually feel lighter, more optimistic, and peaceful!

It has been forgotten in the dominant society that we have a Light Body (LB)—a beautiful, luminous, egg-shaped bubble which interpenetrates and surrounds the physical garment. Much as a car engine must take in air and expel exhaust, so your LB has a highly sensitive system to absorb and release both positive and negative energies. In addition, the engine needs fresh, sweet oil to keep all the moving parts working together fluidly. Eventually, though, the oil begins to thicken and be less efficient. That’s when you go for an oil change!

We consider this care of our car to be both natural and necessary. Machines are very concrete to us. But we forget that our whole system—physical garment, emotions, mind, and LB—must also be regularly maintained and cleaned out.

When you are stressed, anxious or sad, or when someone attacks you, for instance, these emotions come into the LB as subtle substances. They may manifest as an excess of water, wind, air, fire, crystals, sludge, cobwebs, oil, stickiness…just crud.

If you lived in a simpler society with far less stress, fewer worries and a minimum of traumatic experiences, your LB would be able to cleanse, clean, and reset itself naturally. Unfortunately, however, in our world with all of its complexities, it cannot do its job as efficiently. This is particularly true if we have experienced a traumatic event or events from which we have not fully recovered, nor fully integrated. This is when true healing needs to come in. We need to change the oil!

Shamanic energy medicine is a dynamic healing system which uses the power of intention in conjunction with various tools, such as rattles, drums, bells, chants, feather fans, crystals, and stones to combust and eject heavy energies from the LB.

For instance, many years ago, I had the privilege of giving my elderly (now deceased) father a healing session. It was the first time he had ever experienced such a thing. My father had always been anxious. Like many of us, he worried about money, work, his kids, and the like.

When I first put my hands onto his physical body, I felt this anxiety as a build up of crystals in the LB. I could tell they had increased year after year such that they appeared in my mind’s eye like a car windshield which had been shattered, but which was still in one piece—all crystallized shards of viscous glass. I focused with my intent on reaching into his LB with my hands, rattle and feather fan and gradually removed them. My father very soon after this procedure was done reported feeling so much lighter. In fact, he marveled at the difference. I continued to work on him.

From there, I journeyed into my dad’s Deep Self—or subconscious—to remove another level of “crud” from a lifetime of anxiety-producing events and the rat wheel of his mind. By doing these two things in quick succession, the natural balancing system of his LB, Deep Self and physical garment could then realign themselves back to center–harmony. From there, I took another journey in my imagination—the doorway into the multidimensional matrix of the personality, soul and spirit–and retrieved a younger, more lighthearted version of himself that had been lost over years of worry. This is brought back as a seed energy and blew it into the energy center at his solar plexus. After a bit more clearing of his LB from more heavy energies which had been loosened up and floated to the surface during the journeys, I brought the light of the sun (the fresh oil) into his chakras and LB.

When he got up from the table, my father remarked that what I do is very powerful. He went from being a skeptic to a believer. He said he felt like he was “floating.” I was so proud of him—and me! Together, we had created the conditions for him to be more at home in his body and more at home in his life.

As you consider how you feel today and whether a shamanic energy session would help you, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Do you feel as if you are not quite fully “in” your body—as if, even though your physical feet are on the ground, you don’t feel full connected to your feet? When your LB gets so filled up with gunk, we may lose sensation in the physical body. Our LB may even slightly or severely disconnect from its natural home in the physical garment.

Do you feel heavy? Depression and sadness have a quality of weight to it. Modern psychology attributes this to a neurobiological and chemical process. However, it is also an energetic process. Sadness, anger, frustration, and any other challenging emotion can build up in the LB and leave you feeling like you’re walking around with a boulder on your shoulders.

Have you gone through the loss of a loved one through divorce, separation, or death and, even many years later, feel as if the grief is alive and well in your heart and mind? When a loved one leaves or dies (or when we must leave a relationship), there is a natural process of adjustment in the LB to the new conditions. There may also be a shock which knocks out and leaves misaligned the LB. Your body, mind, emotions, and LB know how to move through the process in a natural way, over time (hence the expression, “time heals”). But sometimes, time doesn’t seem to heal. The loss was too great or too hard.

Grief is a liquid energy which, if it is not able to move through and out, can build up and become like a pond that has so little inflow and outflow of fresh water, that it become stagnant and mucky.  When this happens in your LB, you have a sensation as if the grief is never-ending. Or you may continue on with your life—even get into a new and happy relationship—but still feel an inability to let go in your feelings and mind of the old relationship, or even deep and ongoing sadness, grief and even anger over your loss.

There are many more examples I could give you, but I hope you get the drift! Keeping your LB clear and clean is essential to your overall health and well-being, just as doing regular oil changes in your car is important to keep it running a looonng time. You have a right to feel good and well.  All the stress, grief, anger, anxiety of modern day life can be minimized and even removed. This is why I am a practitioner of shamanic energy medicine! I consider it an essential tool in my basket of self-care which includes walks in nature with my dogs, yoga, meditation, and good, healthy food!

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Previously posted on rachelmannphd.com; reprinted with permission.