Thank you for expressing interest in our yoga focused photoshoot.


What should I expect?


The two day shoot is split up into (6) 4 hours sessions. Each will showcase yoga, relaxation, or meditation in a different location of our retreat center. You have many breaks while the photographer is prepping the location. You can sign up for one or multiple sessions depending on your availability.


What are the available sessions? 


Friday, August 17th | 6am – 10am | 11am – 3pm | 4pm – 8pm

Saturday, August 18th | 6am – 10am | 11am – 3pm | 4pm – 8pm


What should I wear?


Please bring a couple wardrobe options that cater to yoga or casual look. Our brand is fairly conservative. If you have questions about your attire, please send us an email.


Will I be compensated? 


Yes, we have allocated $40 per yogi per session with food included. Additionally, you have the opportunity to attend a future yoga class at the retreat free of charge.


How do I sign up?  


Please click the link below and fill out the Google Form. Should you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

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