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Personal Transformation

With the wisdom & expertise of professionals skillfully remove the blocks to living your most vibrant, authentic self


Find Your Purpose

Discover your vast, untapped potential. Gain insight to move forward with knowledge & courage

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Learn skills & techniques to connect within to an abundant source of joy, strength & confidence

Inner Transformation

Many of life’s answers are sought in the outside world, through people, things, and experiences – but when you pause and connect inward you discover that all the answers and clarity you will ever need, lay deep within you. There is an abundant source of strength, wisdom, creativity, peace, and joy inside of you. All it takes is the motivation to self-inquire, the wisdom and guidance of an expert, and a safe, supportive environment where you are completely at ease. When you retreat with us, that’s exactly what you experience at our serene mountaintop sanctuary. Personal transformation is possible.

Explore Your Greatest Potential

There are a host of life scenarios and experiences that can prompt the inward journey of self-discovery. Perhaps you’re at a crossroads, dream of finding your purpose or are inspired to shift your life in a new direction but unclear of the way forward. Maybe you’re seeking tools to manage stress or enhance your self-esteem. Or you’ve realized through life’s twists and turns you’ve accumulated unhelpful thought patterns. Maybe you’re simply feeling stuck. Whatever it is, when you choose to self-inquire you make an important step in removing these blocks to living your greatest potential!

Insight & Expertise

When venturing into new territory, a map can be your best friend. In the realm of self-discovery, a trained professional in their field is your ‘map’ and expert guide. Whether it be a life-coach, spiritual guide, body-worker, psychologist, professor or medical professional, there is a wealth of expertise waiting to help you unravel the layers to your true, authentic self. They provide you with everything you need – from skills, wisdom, and techniques to inspiration, support, and understanding. You begin to tap into limitless resources within and gain insight to help you move forward in the direction you’ve been seeking. The retreat experience extends beyond the facilitator too, you connect with a community of like-minded individuals giving invaluable inspiration, friendship, and comfort on your inward path.
Make the choice to live a happy, fulfilling, and authentic life. Feel confident and empowered and know what it really means to feel alive and connected to the best version of you!
Our signature Happiness Retreat is a year-round program that equips you with self-empowering tools for greater joy, increased confidence and abiding happiness.

Sri Sri
Sri Sri
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“Your needs are fully taken care of. You are being loved very dearly. This reminder softens you; brings about miracles around you, and changes your life. This reminder brings plentitude: there is nothing lacking for you. And that is the complete ‘letting go’.”

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