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Bridge the gap between an active life and a meditative life.

Join us as we practice stillness in yoga. Discover the benefits of longer held postures as your mind begins to quieten to allow greater awareness and understanding of your inner self to emerge. Yin yoga can be described as a stabilizing, de-stressing, feminine and contemplative practice. Yin yoga is based on the Taoist concepts of balancing the Yin and the Yang, the opposite and complementary principles in nature. With our busy lifestyles our bodies tighten up from mental tension and cause all sorts of ailments and lack of mobility leading to discomfort and pain. Yin yoga postures give an opportunity for deeper tissues, such as connective and fascia, to release long held tensions allowing for the Prana (life force) to flow more easily through previously blocked areas increasing overall energy and well-being. Yin yoga helps you to play your edges, unwind, breathe more consciously and turn inward. There is less instruction to listen to, much to discover within yourself and more peace to be found. It is a wonderful compliment to any other form of yoga or any other activity in your life.

The benefits of Yin yoga:

• Calming and balancing to the mind and body

• Regulates energy, balances hormones, provides a deeper relaxation

• Increases mobility and improves lubrication, protection and flexibility of joints

• Releases fascia throughout the body

• Lowers stress levels, reduces anxiety, tmp and migraines

• Greater stamina, better ability to sit through meditation

The Yin Yoga Immersion Retreat is an opportunity for you to learn a different style of yoga, take your practice to a new level and acquire inspiration and know how to share with others. You will be guided through 14 hours of Yin yoga classes over five days covering every body part and every Yin pose possible leaving you feeling open, limber and flowing with energy, with plenty of time to enjoy walks, journaling or spa treatments.

At the end of this Yin Yoga Immersion Retreat you will have undone long held tensions and gain confidence in a practice you can continue to follow on your own or share with others.

20 Continuing Education Credits are available with the Yoga Alliance for Teachers

About the Teacher

Nora Benian, RYT-500, Yoga Therapist & Instructor

Nora a.k.a (Sundari) loves to share the wisdom found in the teachings of yoga. She is a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years and teaches all levels from absolute beginner to advanced. Her classes are taught to a wide range of people with a range of challenges whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Nora’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology and Yoga Therapy guides students safely through yogic postures and practices. Her compassionate yet confident teaching style challenges students to release stress and tension, strengthen the body and mind, and learn to relax deeply. Each class is geared toward the needs of the group and modifications and adaptations are used when necessary making the yoga class experience positive for all. Through Yoga Therapy Nora prescribes yogic practices along with counselling to help bring clients back into alignment, build strength, and clear energy channels to increase the life force. Nora inspires students with her enthusiasm for life and motivates them through self-development with ease.