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Anxiety, Depression, and Chronic Stress Wellness Retreat

It is possible to regain a life with happiness, clarity, and emotional stability.

Ayurveda: An Ancient Healing System

Diabetes and Weight Loss Wellness Program & Retreat

It’s clear that we need a new approach outside of conventional methods.

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Refresh: Ayurvedic Cleanse

A Healthy Fresh Start

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Refresh: Ayurvedic Cleanse

A Healthy Fresh Start

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Refresh: Ayurvedic Cleanse

A Healthy Fresh Start


Shankara Ayurveda SpaWelcome to a place that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit. We combine ancient Ayurveda with contemporary wellness to bring you the care you deserve.Schedule consultation True wellness, natural healing Schedule your retreat to come back to balance. We are rated America’s #1 Ayurveda Spa by Organic Spa. Time tested cleanses and therapies. …

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Spa Retreats

Spa Retreats Browse our overnight spa retreats in North Carolina featuring a variety of healthy delicious food, invigorating yoga for all levels, guided meditation, and Ayurvedic treatments! Spa Retreats Couple’s Get Away Get it Together Enjoy a romantic getaway for two in the mountains with positive energy and beautiful surroundings. 2 night Stay in Retreat …

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Treatments Our therapists work with your body to encourage healing, growth, and physical stress relief.  Bringing you into an open, blissful, and restored state. Browse our treatments below. Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation With Ayurvedic Health Counselor Explore the Ayurvedic daily routine, based on your health & wellness goals. 60 min: $175 Pulse Assessment With Ayurvedic Vaidya …

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Panchakarma Retreat

Recharge with an Authentic Panchakarma Cleanse in a Supportive Setting Schedule a free consultation to start your journey toward total mind-body rejuvenation Professional guidance and therapists for Panchakarma Bring home a personalized health & wellness routine Natural healing environment SCHEDULE A CALL “Best Ayurveda Program” “2016 Winner: Best Hidden Gem, Best for Yoga, Best for …

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Panchakarma For Cancer Aftercare

A holistic approach to cancer aftercare