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Conscious Experiences

Boone, North Carolina

Dec 26 – Jan 6, 2020

Conscious Experiences

Dec 26 – Jan 6, 2020
Starting at:
Early Bird Discount – $350 off if you sign up before Oct 15 (SEE REGISTRATION LINK FOR MORE DETAILS)
Dec 26 – Jan 6, 2020
January 6, 2020 1:00 pm
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Meditation & MindfulnessMeditation & Mindfulness
Self DiscoverySelf Discovery
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Immerse in the vibrant history, evergreen rainforests and deep Yogic traditions of Karnataka, India. Learn a life-transforming breathing technique at the Art of Living International Centre in Bangalore; Explore Mysore and it’s history, culture and roots in Ashtanga Yoga and lose yourself in healing tranquility and thriving biodiversity deep in an evergreen rainforest at Honey Valley, Coorg … All while travelling in an environmentally sustainable manner, reducing your carbon footprint as a traveller and learning how to live more consciously with your environment.

10 DaysDec 26 2019 – Jan 06 2020Bangalore, Mysore & Coorg | India
upto 15 (ages 18+)$1990-2750 USD (see details)OPEN


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Conscious Experiences

Conscious Experiences – We custom design, plan and facilitate educational experiences, workshops and trips with a focus on Mindfulness, Sustainability and Wellness using Immersive Travel, Yoga, Nature, Outdoors, Culture and Challenges as mediums.   Comprised of Kacey Wilson and Virkant Singh Sanwal.

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Bangalore (traditionally Bengaluru): 4 days

  • one day in Bangalore city for city exploration of crafts and goods.
  • The Art of Living International Center – Happiness + Silent Retreat (will need to confirm dates in August as they are only posted about 3 months before).

Mysore (traditionally Mysuru): 2-3 days

  • Yoga – practice and exploration of Ashtanga yoga roots.
  • Cultural, Historical and Culinary exploration in and around the city.

Coorg (traditionally Kodagu): 3 days

  • Homestay immersion on the top of a remote hill in an evergreen rainforest at with ample opportunities for hiking, nature immersion, trail-runs, birdwatching and biodiversity walks, meditation, star-gazing, sustainability discussions, interactions with tribals, reading, spending time with oneself and much more.



Starting at
Early Bird Discount – $350 off if you sign up before Oct 15 (SEE REGISTRATION LINK FOR MORE DETAILS)

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