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R & R Retreat in Boone, North Carolina
A pleasant stroll down quiet paths on campus

The R & R Retreat provides a much needed vacation from the stress of daily life. Whether traveling solo or with friends and family, we invite you to create your own customized mountain getaway.

During the R & R Retreat, you can enjoy any of the services the center offers in our daily schedule. From a pottery class to morning yoga, the center is rich with various activities to help you feel more rested.


R & R With Ayurveda

Also, explore the range of Ayurvedic services we offer:

• the relaxing, soothing Shirodhara “bliss” treatment
• a nurturing Ayurvedic full-body massage
• a personal consultation with an Ayurvedic counselor to find out more about your body

Whatever you choose, be sure to know you’ll also have plenty of time to rest and relax in the tranquil, natural surroundings of Boone. Famed as a getaway destination throughout the region, Boone offers terrific mountain scenery and cool weather throughout the three seasons. And our corner of the mountains overlooks 300+ acres of quiet forest, so you can enjoy the view and the silence.


Who is R & R For?

R & R is for everybody! That being said, the R & R Retreat is ideal for people who want to create their own experience, combine different activities and explore. For people who want a guided experience to start or deepen a self-care or meditative practice, we recommend a program like the Happiness Retreat or an Ayurvedic cleanse.

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