Connect with your deeper, authentic self and begin living a more purposeful life.

Feel refreshed and inspired as you experience the profound beauty and peace atop the Blue Ridge Mountains during fall and be awed by the glorious spectrum of fall colors while on this transformative retreat.

Reclaiming the Sacred Soul will take you on a journey to explore and understand your samskaras (patterns). You will learn how to break free of the patterns that prevent you from living the fullest life possible by cultivating deep compassion, acceptance and joy, as you move through the rhythm and flow of Vinyasa yoga, deep stretching, guided freeform movement, music and meditation.

Leave the routines of daily life and allow time to reconnect with yourself. Nurture your body with delicious healthy vegetarian meals set in a peaceful and tranquil environment. Take time to enjoy a range of activities such as hiking, spa treatments, or simply unwind with a book whilst admiring the vastness of the mountain range. This is your moment to reconnect with your joy and return home with a deeper understanding of the patterns that are keeping you stuck and how to break free to live your highest potential.

Items to bring: Please bring a journal and consider leaving your cell phone in the car so that you can fully unplug from technology for the weekend.

Everyone welcome.

About the Teacher:

Keegan White
Growing up in a small town of North Carolina, the performing arts came to be an outlet Keegan found to express herself. She attended UNC-Charlotte, earning a B.A. in Dance with an emphasis in choreography and music. After 20 years of competitive dance, she found yoga to be the antidote to heal her body and bring about awareness to change negative thought patterns. Keegan is a certified E-RYT 500 hour instructor; completing a Service Leadership training from the Wilmington Yoga Center and vinyasa training from Yax Concepts. She leads Kunga Yoga teacher trainings, a service-based lifestyle training focusing on fundraising for underserved populations, leadership and positive activism, and offering yoga to all walks of life. She has traveled with Kunga Journeys to Kerala, India as a Kunga ambassador, volunteering at the Home of Hope Orphanage.

Experiencing the relief mantra, movement and meditation has offered the chatter of her monkey mind, Keegan is dedicated to sharing the benefits of yoga to others. She loves fusing her love of creative Vinyasa with awesome music to create a sacred, nurturing and fun environment for students. Students can expect to be serenaded by her singing and harmonium playing while in savasana.


3.00pm: Arrival
5.00 – 7.00pm: Flow to Restore Dharma Talk on Samskaras
All Levels practice including opening meditation, Vinyasa flow to a restorative practice and extra long savasana while Keegan sings to you.

9.00 – 11:30am: Break On Through to the Other Side: Dharma Talk on breaking through the recurring patterns that are keeping you stuck. All Levels Heat Building Flow – We will challenge the body physically to explore how the mind responds. This practice includes opening meditation, long warmups, Vinyasa flow, long, deep stretching and extra long savasana while Keegan sings to you.

5.00 – 6:30pm: Shake it OUT! Shake your soul practice is 45 minutes of guided movement through the chakras. Let your inner spirit run free through movement and dance. Followed by a 45 minute call and response music session using your throat chakra to connect to your highest self.

9.00 – 11:30am: My Heart Will Go On and On: Dharma Talk on how to stay connected with your highest self by having awareness when the heart is closing and the courage to stay open. A heart opening all levels practice including opening meditation, long warmups, Vinyasa flow, long, deep stretching and extra long savasana while Keegan sings to you.

Date & Time

Starts: Nov 03, 2017 03:00 PM

Ends: Nov 05, 2017 12:00 PM


Keegan White


Starting at $433
Includes room, meals & tuition

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