Venus. Aphrodite. Goddess of love.

When you hear the name Venus, you may envision dark chocolates and hot make-outs, wild romance and lacy lingerie.

But like most things when it comes to womanhood, this narrow definition barely scratches the surface of the role Venus energy plays in our lives.The planet Venus influences:

  • Your personal style and what you wear
  • How and why you spend your money
  • Every relationship in your life: friendships, parents, children, co-workers and intimate partners
  • What parts of the world you feel drawn to
  • How you like to be courted and cared for
  • Your personal love language

Your Venus (your innate, pleasure driven, erotic nature) is ever flowing throughout your life. The problem is, usually the only place Venus gets a voice is in bed with a lover, on a first date with a new love interest, or in relationship with a life long partner.

Start your day with Qoya movement every morning.  Enjoying 3 delicious, gourmet meals every day. A special chocolate tasting ritual, rituals with hundreds of rose petals, luxurious gifts, evening candlelight Pleasure Yoga,  extravagant Goddess rituals like you have never experienced…and so much more!

With so much information on the science of astrology, it can sometimes be hard to take in or understand. Through metaphor, creative art, movement, worksheets and rituals Juli and Kitty will take you to the Star School you’ve always dreamed of! Astrology is the ancient science and study of the earth’s natural energies. This education give you the  secret code to your innermost truths and desires, and help you to forecast how to relate to Venus through the different cycles and seasons of your life.


About your teachers


Kitty Cavalier

Kitty is an expert in feminine sensuality and embodied living. Kitty is also a certified Qoya and yoga teacher.  She travels the world teaching women how to come home to their body as the ultimate oracle, and befriend pleasure as a tool for greater presence and power in life.


Juli Everett

Juli is an intuitive astrologer, masterful body worker, Chinese herbalist and healing artist. Juli is the founder of Knead and Seed Wellness Center in Sag Harbor, NY where she performs readings, massage, healings, coaching and leads monthly new and full Moon Circles with the women of her community.



Daily Schedule

8-9 am – Delicious breakfast in the panoramic mountain view dining room
9:30am – 12pm – Morning Session
12pm-1pm – Gorgeous lunch in the dining room or on the terrace
1pm-4pm – Free time for visiting the spa, hiking, and general frolicking around the mountains!
4-6pm – Afternoon class session
6-7pm – Divine dinner
7:30-9:30pm – Evening relaxation candlelight yoga and sensual integration rituals

Date & Time

Starts: Jun 06, 2018 04:30 PM

Ends: Jun 10, 2018 11:00 AM


Kitty Cavalier & Juli Everett


Includes room, meals, and tuition

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