Are you ready for personal transformation?

Way of a Warrior is a powerful emotional, physical and spiritual experience that will awaken your deepest potential and allow you to reach new possibilities.

On an intensive week long experience learn how to break free from your self-imposed limits, step fully into your life to co-create not only the life you dream of, but the world you long to be part of.

You will share six life-changing days with like-hearted people from all over the world. Together, you will learn how to experience your lives as warriors of the spirit, connect with the deepest part of yourself and emerge with tools to manage life’s challenges and live your true potential. Watch >>

How to describe the full-on experience of Way of a Warrior (WOW)…?

  • WOW is six and one-half days of learning, sharing, living, stretching/moving/resting our bodies, eating, dancing, laughing and shedding tears with other like-minded students from around the world. A true international melting pot of consciousness and community!
  • WOW addresses every facet of our lives, enabling the backbone to be stronger and more resilient, the heart to be more open and compassionate, and the mind to be more curious and creative.
  • Brad Brown, co-founder of the More To Life program and creator of WOW, intended this full-on experience to create an internal tipping point, calling forward and emboldening the spiritual warrior in each of us for the work that lies ahead.
  • Together, during this amazing, awe-some week, we learn and live the Warrior’s Creed: six times down, seven times up!

The Way of a Warrior (WOW) is a residential course from More To Life:
More To Life is an International, non-profit organization dedicated to sourcing personal and social transformation through the empowerment of the individual. The More To Life program delivers courses that connect people to their true selves, and to all the wisdom and fulfilment on offer from life in every moment.



Ann McMaster, Senior Trainer for 30+ years, has trained 15 WOWs, both in the US and in Africa. She brings a breadth of experience to the whole program.
Warren Kahn, Senior Trainer for 12 years, has previously trained WOW, brings his passion for warrior-hood and is currently on the US Board of Directors.
Peggy Jarrett, Senior Trainer for 26 years, has previously trained WOW, brings deep insight and commitment and is currently on the International Board of Directors.
Other trainers participating in this WOW US 2016 are Elaine Alpert (US), Claire Vivian-Neal (NZ), Felipe Gomez (Spain), Vijay Reddy (S.Africa)



  • Morning Movements
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Session


  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Session
  • Open time for rest, walks, yoga, reflection
  • Dinner
  • Evening Session


The More To Life Introductory weekend course is a pre-requisite for attendance at Way of a Warrior. The More To Life weekend course is being held around the world in cities across the nation and in countries across the world.

See the Full Schedule

More information on registering for these courses can be found on the following website: http://moretolife.org.

Logistics & Contact

The nearest airport to fly into is Charlotte Douglas International. We will coordinate transportation from the airport to the venue. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson is also an International airport, and we will coordinate transportation to the venue from this airport as well.

Once you register for the course, we will reach out to you with details about travel and other logistical pieces. We have a team of individuals ready to serve and support you on your journey to WOW!

If you have questions about Way of a Warrior or would like to connect about attending this course, please contact Cindi Cameron, More To Life Advanced Course Coordinator at [email protected], or 651-236-7854 in the US.

Date & Time

Starts: Oct 01, 2017 03:00 PM

Ends: Oct 08, 2017 10:00 AM


Ann McMaster

Warren Kahn

Peggy Jarrett etc


Begins: October 1, 2017 at 3pmEnds: October 7, 2017 at 9am


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