It’s time to retreat from your regular routine and distractions and explore how to Live A Miracle Minded Life. Presented by some of the world’s finest spiritual teachers.

We have a panel of Teachers who will touch on Oneness and demonstrate that  Universal love and peace is through forgiveness and healing our relationships.

As we gather together here in the splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we remember that there really is no separation ~ none within and none without. The metaphor of a mountain is evocative of the journey we take on our quest to realize the light that shines within. Just as the mountain is stable and steadfast, so is the truth of love within.

We offer an opportunity to discover what it feels like to expand your mind and experience freedom of expression, with the intent of equality. Explore the opportunity of sharing in Spiritual Roundtable gatherings, yoga, and making new friends! Outdoor activities; hiking, exploring & campfires. Spiritual Roundtable gatherings were designed to help develop trust in your “Inner Voice”.

Come and experience what our retreats offer~ intimate gatherings and meaningful sharing.

You will leave the retreat with a living example & learn ways to apply to your daily life a sense of your One True Self.

Items to bring: comfortable, weather appropriate clothing. Sweater or jacket to wear at the campfires and instruments to play at the gatherings. Comfortable shoes for walking/hiking. Pillows if you prefer to sit on the floor. Yoga mats. Flashlights

About the Teachers

Dr. Jon Mundy is an author, lecturer, the publisher of Miracles magazine and the Executive Director of All Faiths Seminary International in New York City. He taught university courses in Philosophy and Religion from 1967 to 2008 with a specialization in The History of Mysticism. The author of 9 books, his latest book, Lesson 101: Perfect Happiness, is published by Sterling Ethos of New York City, a division of Barnes and Noble. According to Amazon.com his previous book, Living A Course in Miracles is, after Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, the next best-selling book based on the teaching of A Course in Miracles. Jon met Dr. Helen Schucman, the scribe of A Course in Miracles, in 1973. Helen introduced Jon to the Course and served as his counselor until she became ill in 1980. He also appears on occasion as Dr. Baba Jon Mundane, a standup philosopher comedian.

Regina Dawn Akers has been sharing spiritual teachings, organizing retreats and leading pilgrimages to holy sites in Israel and India since 2005. She’s published two books: “The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament” (NTI) and “The Teachings of Inner Ramana.” and a free ebook “Thoughts of Awakening: 365 Thoughts for Daily Contemplation.” She serves as a living model of their teachings and a clear channel of the deeper meaning that lies hidden beyond the written word.

Regina shares insightful and consistent clarity using a variety of spiritual teachings as pointers. She is the founder of Awakening Together, a worldwide online spiritual assembly dedicated to helping people become self-reliant with inner spiritual wisdom. Awakening Together uses the teachings of many spiritual traditions to point toward one truth, one true Self, which lies peacefully within each of us. Regina is also the author of Awakening Together’s 2-year Minister Preparation Program (MPP), which is a contemplative study of Truth through teachings from Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Kabbalah, the Tao Te Ching, A Course in Miracles, the New Testament, and contemporary masters including Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Read more at: reginadawnakers.com

John Mark Stroud began his journey of awakening immersed in life as a businessman, husband, and father, all with the hallmarks of great success. However in 2007, he felt moved by some greater force to sell his business and begin the inward search for the peace and happiness that had always eluded him. Almost immediately he was swept up in a tidal wave of Grace and guided to “A Course in Miracles”, “The Way of Mastery” & “A Course of Love”. Instinctively, he knew this was what he had been searching for. These Pathways led him to the direct experience of God’s limitless Love and Peace. That experience of Awakening from the dream of separation to the ever present, perfect awareness of God finally brought the causeless Joy and eternal Happiness for which John Mark sought. With great Joy, he now shares that Limitless Love with all as One.

Maureen Muldoon aka The Spiritual Vixen has gone from an illustrious career as a Hollywood  actress to an internationally renowned Spiritual Speaker, Teacher, licensed Minister, Prayer Practitioner and Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles. She is often referred to as the “Course Whisperer” for her innate ability to interpret and apply Course wisdom into real life scenarios with humor and grace. She is the founder and host of MiraclesLive365.com a daily inspirational, virtual service for A Course in Miracles students. Through her rapidly growing  Ministry and initiatives, Maureen delivers weekly sermons as the Spiritual Director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community (Chicago) , she is also the co-founder and creative director of Voice Box SpeakEasy.  Maureen offers  powerful speeches and workshops devoted to everything sacred, utilizing her trademark irreverence and  contagious laughter.  A gifted and authentic storyteller, author, writing coach and published playwright, Maureen empowers others to utilize the miraculous gift of their “story” for healing and transformation. She uses the power of story to inspire and awaken vision, identity, and leadership in her audience and clients. She delights in helping others tap into their inner rock-star, sleeping Picasso, neglected writer to shake the dust off their own innocence to live a life where Miracles abound. More at maureenmuldoon.com

Jennifer Hadley has led over 50,000 spiritual students to discover the Kingdom within by supporting them to get out of their heads and into their loving hearts so they can help be of greater service in the world. As a writer, speaker, teacher, and spiritual counselor, Jennifer offers daily inspiration and prayer, as well as workshops, classes retreats, and programs for people who are ready to move beyond merely studying spirituality to deeply living it. She has been the host of the popular A Course in Miracles weekly radio show on the Unity Church online radio network since 2011. For your Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso and many other free offerings as well practical classes and training for spiritual development please visit JenniferHadley.com

Lorri Coburn received her Master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan in 1981. She has been a psychotherapist for 35 years, specializing in anxiety and depression, relationships, substance abuse, and spirituality. She has been an interfaith minister since 2008.

Lorri is the author of Breaking Free: How Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles Can Set You Free. She is a co-editor with Jon Mundy of A Course in Miracles and…, a compilation of articles comparing A Course in Miracles with other spiritual paths. Lorri has presented numerous workshops on A Course in Miracles, nationally and internationally. She has conducted a weekly ACIM study group for four years, and has had a weekly radio show on ACIM Gather for five years. Read more at lorricoburn.com

Donna Marie Cary Donna Marie Cary’s Musical Ministry is inspirational and heart flowering.  “The songs that I am inspired to write, are first for me.  I’m the one that needs to hear the message of Love and Forgiveness.  And it is my hope that these songs will be an inspiration to others, who are, like myself, walking the path of Healing and Awakening.  I continue with the process of learning how to forgive myself and others from past beliefs that block the awareness of the Truth; the Truth that we are all the sinless Children of God.  The world seems to be in greater distress than ever before.  I hope the message of Real Love, which is offered through my songs, brings comfort to tired hearts and peace to fearful minds.”

Miguel Silva specializes in Crystal Healing using his own methods for Aura clearing, Chakra alignment, Enlightenment Activations, Lightbody Activations, Intuitive Energy Coaching, and Energy Fields Cleansing. His Crystal Healing and Teachings work to release energy blocks. Following his Spiritual Awakening in 2013, Miguel studied various Healing modalities, becoming a Reiki Master and Chios Healing Master.

More: http://ascendedvibrations.com/

Date & Time

Starts: Oct 05, 2017 03:00 PM

Ends: Oct 08, 2017 02:00 PM


Dr. Jon Mundy

Regina Dawn Akers

John Mark Stroud

Maureen Muldoon

Jennifer Hadley

Lorri Coburn

Musical Guest

Donna Marie Cary

Miguel Silva


Starting at $787

Includes room, meals & tuition

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