Dr. Amanda Hanson

Amanda Hanson Midlife Muse Bio

Dr. Amanda Hanson (The Midlife Muse) is a renowned psychologist, speaker, and author transforming the narrative of womanhood. With more than 24 years of global impact, Dr. Amanda views female psychology and physiology as an interconnected system, often disrupted by modern challenges. Rather than addressing root causes, society tends to offer temporary fixes, a trend she challenges.

In her unique approach, Dr. Amanda blends clinical psychology with ancient holistic methods. Passionate about guiding women, she advocates for a more nuanced view of women’s existence in the 21st century. Rejecting primitive solutions, she encourages women to approach their bodies and minds with honor and self-respect. As a mother of four, a wife, and an advocate for inclusion and equality, Dr. Amanda embraces the natural aging journey, seeing it as a profound spiritual experience rooted in self-worth.