Angelo Dilullo, MD

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Angelo Dilullo, MD, is an anaesthesiologist, author, and teacher who experienced a life-altering spiritual awakening at the age of 24. His book, Awake: It’s Your Turn, is a practical set of tools and investigations that allow you to access, realize, and actualize your pristine, undivided nature.

After years of intense internal suffering and existential angst, Angelo realized that thoughts and how they “paint” our experience of ourselves, time, and space are essentially unreal, something like ghosts. It became exquisitely clear to him that suffering is unnecessary among humans and that anyone with a genuine yearning to discover their true nature has the capacity to awaken this boundless (non-separation) living truth.

Angelo travels the world helping others recognize and overcome their mind’s roadblocks to enlightenment and realize a suffering-free life of natural spontaneity and interconnectedness.

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