Anna Runkle

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Anna Runkle, The Crappy Childhood Fairy, spearheads a global movement dedicated to helping individuals recognize and heal from trauma symptoms, regardless of their access to professional support. With nearly a million subscribers across various platforms including YouTube, blogs, podcasts, courses, and coaching programs, Anna shares practical strategies derived from her own journey of overcoming Childhood PTSD.Drawing from her personal experiences, Anna’s approach encompasses simple, self-directed exercises designed to alleviate emotional triggers and neurological dysregulation. She empowers individuals to initiate positive change and break free from self-defeating behaviors often associated with prolonged dysregulation.

Based in Oakland, CA, Anna is the author of the forthcoming “Re-Regulated: Set Your Life Free from Childhood PTSD and The Trauma-Driven Behaviors That Keep You Stuck,” scheduled for publication by Hay House in October 2024. For further details, visit

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