Charles Virtue

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Charles Virtue has been in touch with Angels and their guidance since his early youth. In his early 20’s, he began to give readings with Angel Oracle Cards, teaching people how to clear the blocks and fears that kept them from hearing the true guidance of their Angels.

At that point his mission was clear: to teach people how to manifest, listen to their Angels and inner guidance to help them move toward–and live–their life purpose. Since 2007, he has taught and has certified thousands of people in over 25 countries to connect with higher energy to bring happiness, purpose, and guidance into their lives.

Charles’ connection with the angels has guided him to share their benevolence with people worldwide. His gift of natural intuition combined with his lifelong knowledge of the metaphysical world has helped countless people find and live their life’s purpose. He teaches in-person classes and virtual courses on manifestation, intuition, and mediumship. For more information, visit