David-Dorian Ross


Grandmaster David-Dorian Ross has introduced more students to tai chi than any other teacher in America. An expert in using media to teach martial arts and meditation, Master Ross has written, produced, and starred in more than 150 educational DVDs and television programs. He is the founder and CEO of TaijiFit, the creator of the TaijiFit mind-body exercise program, and is the director of the first online tai chi academy, using live interactive video to teach students from around the world. He has a B.A. in Human Movement Studies from San Francisco State University, has completed graduate coursework in both Physical Education and Chinese language.

Trained in China by championship martial arts coaches, Master Ross has had an illustrious career in competitive tai chi, winning eight U.S. gold medals, a world silver medal and two world bronze medals —the highest awards ever given to an American for international tai chi performance. He was the founder and chief instructor of the Honolulu T’ai Chi Academy, the Portland Tai Chi Academy, and a professor for The Great Courses, where he has written and starred in three top-selling martial arts programs.

Master Ross is the host of the PBS series T’ai Chi: Health and Happiness and the author of five books on health and wellness, including Exercising the Soul: How Tai Ch’i Connects You to Your Authentic Self. He is also the Executive Producer of an annual global webcast called 24 Hours of World Peace—the live broadcast of World Tai Chi Day events from countries in every time zone. From 2012–2013, he collaborated with international action film star Jet Li to introduce a new style of Tai Chi to the West called Taiji Zen. Master Ross is the only teacher outside China authorized to teach this style.

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