Diana Bellofatto


Diana Bellofatto’s life has been steeped in yoga and Ayurveda since 2001. She received a strong foundation in Ayurveda from the the foremost physicians and educators in Ayurveda—Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. John Douillard, Dr. Claudia Welch, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Scott Blossom, Dr. Jay Apte, Dr. David Frawley, and more. Diana went on to continue her Ayurvedic studies at Dr. Vasant Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute and in India. While at Dr. Lad’s institute, Diana met Michele Schulz—an Ayurved-focused personal chef, caterer, and holistic nutritionist, and bodyworker—who ignited her interest in Ayurvedic cooking.  Diana went on to study intensively with Chef Schulz to formalize her training in Ayurvedic cooking.

Diana a certified Ayurveda Health Counselor and Kripalu Yoga teacher. She also holds certifications in Yoga for the Back & Scoliosis, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Pregnancy, and Yoga for Eating Disorders. She believes that being an active participant in one’s own self-care is vital—especially, in the kitchen! Diana is passionate about sharing the teachings of Ayurveda and yoga to provide empowerment for others to lead happy, healthy, and balanced lives. She is the author of many Ayurvedic recipe articles on AOLRC’s blog.

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